Friday, May 27, 2011

Fudge, Fudge, Call The Judge!

Mama's got a newborn bayyy-by...... well, I guess I forgot to sing some of our old jump rope songs while jumping rope yesterday. Maybe it wasn't so much "forget" as it was "couldn't sing AND jump at the same time".... Nope...not a blonde joke! For real.

Even Biff said I looked so serious that my face seemed to be frozen with fear...well, maybe that's just my determined face? was concentration!

There were some technical can jumping rope have technical difficulties?

1. The rope was too long
2. I seemed to have lost my rythym...maybe that's what all of the songs were for!
3. Biff was counting for me...I felt jump rope performance anxiety!

Initially, I could barely get to ten. After adjusting the rope, I felt my six year old spirit fly.... twenty...twenty five....thirty....and I got it back! Biff walked the dogs along side while I skipped down the hill and circled back up the hill.

It sounds like a cute little hop, skip and a jump doesn't it? I was sweating...not like a soft and dry commercial but like a marathon runner south of the border. I was panting, desperate for water. My hair was as poofed out as it could be. My legs were shaking...maybe up the hill was pushing it. But really? I'm not over the hill yet...or am I and I just didn't get the memo!

Then I remembered I had to be at an event in 25 minutes...the fun and games were over...literally! I had just showered hours before after walking the dogs to the beach...and being wagged on! Back to shower again.

I went to the event and hours later I collapsed into bed. When I woke up this morning it wasn't clear, at first, why evvverrryyyy-singggg-lllleee bone in my body felt stiff. Did I have whiplash? Fitzy doesn't pull that hard at the beach. Wow! How hard did I whip those sticks out in the water for Daisy? Lifting a few groceries?

As I plunked my body down the stairs, one step at a time, it came to me. Jump rope. Something as innocent as jump rope? Really?

I treated myself to a pedicure today! After pounding on those piggies, they needed a little lovin'. After all, it's Memorial Day weekend....beach season is official! Uh oh....better get out that jump rope again....or maybe hop scotch will do...hide and seek? or stick with low impact catching lightning bugs.

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