Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Alarming

My grocery shopping extravaganza...in reverse order. Just an average day.

20**Delicious steak and fabulous salad is served! Oops..how did I forgetting the potatoes?

19**Started grill.

18**Carried ALL of the groceries into the house. No way would I let Fitz get our steak and Twizzlers.

17**Drove off...thinking about the nice people out there.

16** So nice. The lovely woman thought it was her car. I confessed it was mine.

15. Nice woman in the next parking space stops to pet Daisy and Fitz. She asked if her car alarm scared my dogs.

15**Finally quiet.

14** Apologized to dogs for the whoop whoop noise.

13**Ran out to car, put key in to stop whoop whoop whoop blaring noise!

12**Found keys in little hand basket under checkout counter.

11** Run to checkout. nope. salads.nope. meat department. nope. magazines. nope. cereal. nope.back to cashier. to customer service.Run back into store to find keys while car alarm whoops!

10 **Get outside to car with no car keys....dogs in car...windows open a bit....stuck arm in and unlocked car. whoop.whoop. whoop. whoop. whoop. whoop. Good Samaritan leaves in a hurry when alarm started whooping.

9*** Nice gentleman asks if I need help with my car door. Hung up on friend.

8**Walk out to car with groceries, chatting with old friend on cell phone, I realize I have no car keys.

7**Take the little basket for shopping since it will be a quick shop..salad, steak, cereal. and uh, oh yeah ...replacement Twizzlers...I'm in the mood. After these, I probably won't want them fir months!

6**Run into store

5** Leave all car windows open a bit for doggies. Tell Daisy and Fitzy that I'll be right back.

4**Nice parking space...dogs have a nice location for people watching.

3**Drive to grocery store, sunroof and all windows open...singing to an old "Boston " song...no kids in car to complain about my "old school" music. Dogs happy with the wind blowing their beautiful golden fur...and mine too.

2**Get in car with the dogs in the back seat. Start off to grocery store.

1**T.J. and I were talking about dinner. I asked what he was I. the mood for...we settled on steak on the grill for tonight. Better get out to the grocery store.

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