Friday, May 20, 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come

Another gray day. Until it/ changes ...for awhile. I change my clothes. Grace and T.J. arrive home after school as the sun begins to shine. Yay! It's Friday. I love the weekends. Always have, always will.

The kids are exhausted by Friday. It's nice to have them laying low after school...relaxed having some "chill time"...for now. Grace has to babysit. T.J. has no plans...til tomorrow. After making some "indoor s'mores" and chatting, I was off to walk Daisy and Fitz.

We walked down to the sunshine. "Walking in Sunshine," as the song goes. Beautiful.

Kayaks are beginning to spot the racks...soon these racks will be full with colors like a pack of Lifesavers candy. The pop of color delights my eyes and reminds me it's time to get our kayaks to the beach...and the sailboat too.

Dogs swim and shake sell Who cares! It's sunny! Sea glass sparkles on the dry sand....heaven. Heavenly. Life is good. I'm grateful for the little things....I go home and change's a bit damp. Here we go again!

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