Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Boo,The Kitty, Loves Me

1. I feed him 2. I pet him 3. I wear the colors he likes to sleep on....all cats know how to accessorize 4. I try not to laugh when he makes a giant leap and falls short 5. Apparently, I'm comfortable. 6. He loves my 98.6 temperature to absorb my heat 7. I talk funny when I speak to him 8. He likes the dog beds that I chose.....apparently ....because I always find him sleeping in them while the dogs sleep on the hardwood floor 9. He likes me as his computer teacher and always arrives at the same I do.......apparently.....because he always arrives at the same time as I do.....and pokes at all of the keys. 10. He talks to me all day long.

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