Sunday, October 25, 2009

here i am. i started trying to write a blog just about a year or so ago. on this beautiful sunday morning in october, i finally have my fingers on the home computer. having a 13 and 14 year old, my time on it seems a bit limited!
it seems as though the computer is the only communication that my teens use to connect with their world! i always use the word "world" for the little pieces of our lives. my children wince at the word!
a "world" could be a school, a team, a class.....just different places our lives seem to orbit. and isn't that what we do? orbit?
in the fall, our lives are thrown into a new school year, with new schools, new teachers, new friends and new frenzies for us all.

our children are consumed with the new notebooks, markers, highlighters and always the prerequisite crayola box of 64. as parents, we are consumed with seeing to it that our children's lives are organized with bus schedules, teacher orientations and back to school intentions for the best year ever.
oh! and don't forget the new clothes! that is the greatest back to school pleasure!
who could be happier than waking up to all of this newness! everyday is christmas! new books, new backpacks, new crayons and new clothes....clean rooms, long showers, sleep and excited wake ups, a nice breakfast, bagged lunches a loving send off.....and the year begins!

all so hopeful! parents have myriad feelings as they send their, little one, big ones and in between ones off to start their new, promising year.
and don't forget the new friends! so exciting to start the year, seeing old friends and catching up....and making new friends!
is it all magical or what?
and that is all on the first day!

then the second day! still excited!

the third, well, it is a bit of a stretch since everyone is exhausted and starting to feel the switch from the freedom of summer, beach days, less structure and late nights!

let the games begin!

ahhhhh! it's my turn now.....summer ending is just the saddest letting go i know. after all of the prep and shopping fun, that's it! it's over! some parents dream of sending the kids back to school in july. many compensate by sending them off to camp! not me! i love summer and share the joy with friends and their kids. ahhhh! sailing, swimming, sandy toes, sizzling barbeques, showers outdoors, sun,sun, sun!
oh, wait, i was daydreaming! that's how it's supposed to be! and it is! it's just that it's mixed up with bickering, burned hot dogs, bad baseball games and barely time to keep up with all of the plans made by me, the kids and friends!
summer and the daydreams are over before we can blink an eye.

lots of moms can't wait for the school bus! i just want more summer!

here i october....sitting at the computer while my children sit mute in front of t.v., ipods in hand, texting with the other! not quite what was in the plans! oh...wait....was any of this in the plans?

NOT! dare i say, it's never like the daydream....the kodak moments are less and less as we meander into adolescence. oh wasn't it me that was going to be the sensitive new age mom, doing all of the right things, saying all of the right things, modeling all the right behaviors! are we having fun yet?

wait! what is right? the rules keep changing...the kids keep changing...the world keeps changing.....if i want to be in touch with my kids, i guess it will have to be on facebook...maybe they'll see me or hear me there.....

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