Sunday, October 25, 2009


it is only now i can try this blog again.....only after i have created havoc by trying to sit quietly at the computer and think about the fact that i have included nothing on my first attempt to blog about the name "little mary mix up".
and maybe it needs no explanation. just read my blogs and it will come to you,
just as i was seated comfortably at this desk in the family room with my daughter on her itouch, the t.v. on, the two golden retrievers laying peacefully at my feet, my great husband came home from a "speed shop" at stop and shop to get milk and other much needed staples to get us through the week. milk became a necessity when grace, the queen of milk drinking and taste drama deemed our rather new gallon of farm bought milk unacceptable to her palate. that's all i need to hear...a question about milk....oh, dear God, just don't make me smell it....and now, there goes my coffee, milk.
biff deserves an award. my mom used to say,"you're so lucky you have him!" oh, SO of my many blessings! and that's a whole 'nother'll love some of the little mary mixup stories that brought us together forever!

after a brief interruption to get grace.14 and t.j.,13 and i to help bring in the groceries....with dogs included in the trek out to the car....we all come back in carrying heavy loads. everything is deposited in the kitchen and kids flee.
biff and i continue unpacking, being sure to immediately put away the food that will most intrigue "posey" the 3 year old golden with little restraint(read none). the "trickle down" theory will occur within seconds. "trickle down" is a bit like "world". it is a description of one act that causes multiple acts of chaos to ensue. i'm familiar with this...intimately...on a daily basis. sooooo, if "posey" lives her dream clenching any edible item from the groceries, then "daisy", the 7 year old, sweet, loving, gentle, obedient dog will bark ferociously to notify us of the infraction.... of course, only if she is not included in the feast! i'm on to her!

o.k., the groceries are put away.

soooo, with coffee delivered to me by my husband, i sit rereading my very first blogpost. i am a bit tentative since i want to start writing but, as always, do not have my thoughts together. nevertheless, i have begun...there is no going back. i ask biff to take a look and see if it is o.k.....if he thinks it sounds like me....and my great guy says, of course it's o.k.....leave's a start.....he goes back to the kitchen to finish up unpacking and plans on checking the blog out in a minute......

i sit with my starbucks coffee and bit of milk(which was the reason biff went out to the grocery store) reading my free association, rambling blog and...

YIKES! i spilled the coffee (hot) onto the keyboard and the desk...but it is flowing back towards the new screen and brand new mac computer! SCREAMS AND SHRIEKS from my grace....screaming at the potential loss of connection to her "world". biff arrivedd on the scene calm and armed with "Bounty, the quicker picker upper"...thankfully, he just bought the 16 pack on sale. we require lots! i quietly, holding my breath, keep mopping bounties on the surface, our "sweet grace" commentates during the whole cleanup about how this will affect her life since i have been so irresponsible with the new computer.........i run to get the blow dryer to hopefully dry out the keyboard so it won't skip letters like the last keyboard covered with perrier.
grace leaves the room, realizing that her comments have backfired and only lead back to her cleanup skills.
ted, by the way, is oblivious to the whole crisis since he is fighting an Xbox war in the playroom downstairs....only to hear a faint adolescent changing voice calling out for pancakes. oh, wait...biff asks, "do we have eggs?" .....i cringe waiting to hear the answer. we have just spent 10 minutes looking for the plug to my "christmas gift griddle" of the best gifts ever, besides the "first married christmas gift" can opener. both were received with squeals of joy! i'm a very high maintenence wife and yet, a very cheap date! i guess that'll need some splainin' lucy!

world= places in which our family members orbit.
trickle down= the origin of a mix-up of potentially great proportions.
high maintenence wife= WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS?
lots of mixups that require some fixups

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