Thursday, November 5, 2009

and we're off !

i get the call...the wake up call! biff called.... to WAKE me up wake me up...... to wake the kids .up for school. it's thursday and biff is out of town, calling from a hotel, miles away. he KNOWS...he knows me....he knows what can happen....he knows what can happen to me....he knows about my late night rendevous with "seinfeld" on t.v.....he knows it's a temptation for me to see our friends on seinfeld.

not everyone got caught up on the show that started back in the 90' know, way
back in the 1900's...the turn of the century. BEFORE the millenium...

biff and i were starting a family...we didn't get out much. the folks on seinfeld felt like our friends...they talked about "nothing". it was set in the 90's. we could relate...we were married and it gave us alot to laugh about....especially our own single lives!

we felt like we lived that in the 80's.... single,talk, about nothing, with some of our best friends....right out of college, living in the city, lots of friends, lots of time on our hands....we weren't very established in our we did what any shallow, self consumed 20 something would about ourselves, where to go, what to do, how to get there, who to include, who not to include, how much it would cost and who we might meet.

maybe if i had come along a few years later, i may have been running and going to the gym instead of shopping and going to brunch...those of us who graduated college in the 80's lived a totally different life than the sensitive, new age grads of the 90's....joining the peace corp, taking outward bound trips, focusing on giving back...instead of taking! the 80's was alot about taking, getting, wanting, expecting.....kind of a studio 54 whirlwind, glitzy, shallow and focused on the outward appearances! a bunch of us, who lived for fun and worked to pay for it....
just like the banks and car manufacturers of today! oh wait, it may have been caused by our thinking in the 80's....more, more more, there's always more.....i even worked for a bank that gave more and more and more ....for mortgages! oops!
i hope i wasn't the cause of the bank troubles

SOOOOO, all of that rambling to finally admit that i did stay up too late last night, woke up when biff, the alarm clock, called... i hung up the phone and promptly fell back to sleep....and then,

aaahhhhhhh! WAKE UP! i was trying to "casually" alarm my children....not acknowledging that i was the cause of the alarm....i was hoping they wouldn't smell my fear. after all, i am the mother, responsible and trustworthy, capable of getting them up on time for the bus....NOT! not today! my heart was aflutter as i screamed, raced dowwnstairs, whipped out the lunches, ran out the door, revved up the car, and READY!

wait...i had to wait for the kids...1st was ready and 2nd was not....1st was hysterical, no "grace under pressure" for her...i put the car in reverse, raced down the driveway, drove f1st child to school.

i zigged and zagged and zoomed up the driveway to pick up 2nd! he too, was a tad off balance....socks and sneakers stumbling to the car....and we're off....

through all of these school years, i've really worked so hard to keep their lives peaceful and orderly......chaos wasn't in the plan....late night seinfeld wasn't either!

good news...biff's home! back up alarm clock! we work well as a tag team.....

peace in your home! i'll try too!


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