Wednesday, November 4, 2009

oh what a beautiful morning!.....UNTIL......

as the song goes...oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.......and it's true! Until i start trying to wake my kids for school! how did this happen! they have been going to school since they were three years old.we had the preschool years .... always on time. actually, grace's very first day of preschool, all dressed up in her turtleneck, kilt, tights and maryjanes, we arrived at the happy yellow school......on time...JUST A DAY EARLY! "yay! we did it!...this was our practice day!" she was three and she believed me.

during grace and t.j.'s montessori years, we always got to school on time, actually before the rush.....not as much for the kids as for the mom. as it turns out, i'm the one who needed to get there on time, for the schedule and the peace. life is simpler when we're not rushing....for me! getting there on time is great! once again, remedial motherhood struck! ...when reading the christmas break schedule, i noted that the vacation was through january 6th....i just didn't know that included january 6th! so, we had another practice .....and made the best of our day! getting there early can be a problem if you're not creative! anyway, kids love to be first....and they were!

the school bus years were fun filled mornings and afternoons! scooters and bikes and balls for boys and clutch for moms and dads.... dogs and cats on the "school bus rock" on the corner. the bus ride was a social time, fun for all! not to be missed!

this year, with an eighth and ninth grader, my husband does a kind and gentle wake i've always done....UNTIL now....these bodies.... covered with comforters, in a comatose like state....sleepy voices, apparently not awake....
one day biff asked our ninth grader if she knew what day it was....she said, "fuzzy"...that was an indication that there was more poking and prodding.

biff was off to work..

today, kind and gentle would not be the case.....i asked grace if she knew where she goes to school.... she gave me the wrong answer and covered her ears with a very large stuffed bunny! this, from the girl, who used to wake up, run to our room and ask for the mornings schedule and wanted to make muffins at the crack of dawn! t.j. claimed to have had NOT a wink of sleep!

i had my coffee....poked and prodded....called with the "sweet mother voice" and shouted from the bottom of the stairs....called out the minutes UNTIL the bus! somehow, i let it all go, knowing they NEED the sleep....i drove them to school. nobody wakes up like they used to....... the joy of the schoolbus isn't the same..... enthusiasm is "history"......i speak a "foreign language" is a "math lesson" no one likes to hear about, "english" has changed a out loud...brb=be right back....lunch is still the same for grace....a lifetime of peanut butter on ritz! if only the rest of adolescence was as simple as peanut butter.

i remember waking up in high mom, calling my name again and again.... i would always say, "I'm UP!" an actress, so believeable.....i bought more moments...."ahhhhhh", sleep......UNTIL i heard the footsteps...clunk. clunk. clunk.........i would jump up and pretend i was up and getting ready.....

so everything is different and everything is still the same....

the good news is that it still is a beautiful matter how mixed up it gets! by the way, i'm exhausted!

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