Monday, November 23, 2009

remember when and ..........

since school got out last summer, our kids have had crazy hours...lotsa fun and outdoors...sun and sailing...friends and family...and not enough sleep. school days began and still it seemed that no one got enough sleep, including the parents! it seems the later our kids go to sleep, the later we go to sleep....not because we want to keep an eye on them, but because we just want to have some low key, peaceful moments. and we do have lots of fun with them....although they'd rather be with their friends!

i remember when... we read books before bedtime and laughed out loud and cuddled and kissed!
now...we give a quick kiss goodnight if we're lucky!
i remember when... i came to school for any school event and they smiled and hugged me!
now.....they roll there eyes if i'm in the parking lot!
i remember when....i waited at the bus stop and cought falling leaves and played shadow tag, brought sports equipment to play
with while the kids waited for the bus!
now....i can't even walk the dogs down the street in the opposite direction!
i remember when...they came home from school and had a snack at the kitchen table and told me stories about school friends,
teachers, busdrivers and homework!
now...they come home, say "hi", grab a snack, and run upstairs to "chill" with their ipod!
i remember when...they called on the phone to ask permission for lots of stuff
now, they text me instead of call!

and now they're busy turning themselves into who they're going to be! it's kind of scarey and kind of exciting to see who they are! they really haven't changed that size...yes!

and now they're busy being who they are in the moment! and that really doesn't include us....and sometimes it does!
they really haven't changed independence ...yes!

and now they're busy trying new things, seeing new people and broadening their scope!
they really haven't changed much....making choices on their own...yes!

and now they're very proud of their growing ways!
they really haven't changed much....doing things their way, right or wrong!

and as parents, we're still really proud of their accomplishments, big and small! they are slowly moving away to gain some more independence......we'll try to keep letting go...even if it tugs at our hearts! they'll probably be rolling their eyes at us for a while longer.....we'll keep tuning our sense of humor! they're growing up right before our eyes....we'll still keep our eyes on them! they're still pushing and pulling at us......

and we'll always be there to give them a smile and a hugand our love!...with their eyes rolling or not!
we really haven' changed much!

they are funny people and we really like who they are, even if they're not so sure yet!
they are pretty smart and we like who they are, even if they're not so sure yet!
they are really interesting and have a great point of view, even if they're not so sure yet!
they are really great to be around....sometimes....even if WE'RE not so sure yet!

we just keep trying to be our best, so they can be their best!

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