Monday, November 23, 2009

sipping lemonade through a straw.....

the big weekend for the parents was planned! the kids were going to stay with their aunt, uncle and cousin....and at a later date, the cousin would come to stay with us so the parents could get away too. our kids, 14 and 13...their kid....5!'s a stretch! but we knew we'd all find a way! our kids, exhausted from a week of exams and late nights. their kid, charged on five year old energy! everything is exciting when you're five! nothing is exciting when you're fourteen or thirteen! when you're the parents ready for the're ready to getaway whether you're exhausted or energized! especially, when someone, almost anyone wants to work out a plan......not that it happens very often.....we'll try our best to work it out....just to have a little time together...away....anywhere!

ahhhhh! although, we barely had time to talk to each other about the plans, we were excited to get the time alone! we had a few ideas...we knew we had to leave the kids late on friday at the "cousin's house" and work were a necessity. we had two whole nights to go long as we were back to pick them up on sunday afternoon! a dream come least, for us and the five year old!

we talked about going to the city and all of the possibilities of where we could stay and what we could many choices in the city we love!

we talked about going to the shore, considering some places we had never been....we talked of relaxing and riding bikes and walking on the beach and eating matter where .....we always love the beach...any beach!

ahhhhh! two whole nights for a little getaway! time for us! and time for the cousin's mom and dad to get away later in the year. everyone wins!

okay, a week before, our daughter brought a flyer home from said, "awards dinner....sunday 1-5" guessed to five....on SUNDAY...our second day of our getaway.

how could we not go to our daughter's awards dinner...even if it was scheduled for four hours, the sunday before thanksgiving...on our planned or not so planned getaway! of course, their was no was our daughter and she worked hard in her chosen sport. the big question was...why did they have to plan it on OUR weekend.

how could we cancel our weekend that had been postponed time after time? we could not cancel. we thought of an old teacher i quote often...she said, "a.y.t.c." ......that means "adapt yourself to circumstances" parents, we're used to that motto! we would march on! we continued planning....for one night.

still grateful, we decision had been made for us...the city was our best opportunity...geopgraphically! we always love the's always new! we would use our time wisely!

we made the plans....we would leave connecticut after school and drop the kids off two hours away at their cousin's house....and proceed joyously to the city, only one hour away!

oops! that day, my husband called and said he would meet me and the kids at their cousin's house! he was at an would be better use of time to meet......

the kids got home and packed...we drove in traffic...we arrived very late, because of the packing and the traffic!....and the bathroom stop....never fails!

we got to the house...we were all so happy to see each other, we almost forgot to leave. we got to the city at about eleven o'clock at night.....night life was just beginning...we weren't sure if we could make it through dinner. we walked around and got a bit energized.....chose a great restaurant and had a lovely dinner. we walked and walked some more. we went to sleep!

we woke up on saturday to central park and fifth avenue and madison avenue and grand central station and the new york public library and walking and walking and plans....except frequenting every starbucks for caffeine charge
! we did whatever we felt like doing! moment by moment, agreeing to enjoy the moments! no destinations...just walking! what a great day and night!

after our dinner, we enjoyed a long drive home...listening to OUR radio station! we arrived to pick the kids up at about eleven o'clock! thanks to flexibility of our family!

our kids were treated to dinner and midnight bowling anda pro basketball game and dinner and a movie .....they had a bigger agenda than us! after much chatter and shared enthusiasm (probably because we were collecting our children!), we said our good byes and thank yous .....and we'll see you for thanksgiving......and drove home....yes, in two cars for two o'clock in the morning....exhausted and recharged at the same time!

we woke up, had coffee and some talk....we went to a wonderful and fun awards dinner....we were tired...our kids were tired....our daughter was especially tired...exhausted....very exhausted and sick....she had swollen glands, sore throat and stuffy nose....and she was weak and warm.....

we called the doctor. we asked some questions. we went to sleep.

we woke up. we went to the doctor with our exhausted daughter....too tired...never enough sllep for any of us.....the doctor looked at our fourteen year old....asked many questions...checked her some more.......did some tests......


we were home from the doctor for only minutes when i got a phone call......"mono?" she did she know? no one knew but the doctor, my daughter and me!

FACEBOOK! now, at least 900 people were notified at once....once my daughter got upstairs to her ipod! her quiet notify her world!

and her cousin's mom!...on facebook...she read this on facebook....about our fourteen year old that just spent 30 plus hours with her five year old!

a fourteen year old and a five year old, who shared lemonade by sipping through a straw!

can a five year old get mono? ....and will we still be invited for thanksgiving?

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