Friday, February 26, 2010

Raghava KK: Five lives of an artist | Video on

today i came across the most interesting site called
"tedblog".....lots more to how i got there but it is a wonderful site with a beautiful mission.  it is to share many topics of discussion and interest without being political....just a site to find things that interest you ....that you may become involved in with friends, neighbors and family....colleagues form school or work.  it's all about discussing the stuff that makes you think and sharing what you think with others creates more thinking and so on....and so on....and so on.......

i'll have to post a link to let you see on your may be curious or not.  you are welcome to check this out on your own.....or not. 

i found this site and remained open minded...but just a tad cynical...i entered a new world of culture, learning and exposure!  the internet is amazing how it has opened me to so many new things....just because of facebook, my blog, my new computer from biff!

this link below is magical to me.  it is a young guy from india who tells a great story of his love of art, doodling, cartooning, painting and so much more.....

he is amazing.  his honesty is amazing.  his love for his art is amazing and a beautiful path he chose to follow....and he is very creative in staying true to his dream!

if you can take the time to hear the is so moving for me...he believes passionately about art and the healing of art......and the joy of art and freedom it allows the end he tells of a beautiful way that he was touched by a little girl.

i cried because i remember some of those same beautiful moments doing art with children and what a joy it is to share with children.  i was also touched to hear him tell of sharing his gift with the hospital.

when i did art therapy volunteering in hospice here in connecticut, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. i had a friend who said to me, "couldn't you think of something a little more uplifting to do for volunteer work?"

the irony is that it was one of THE most uplifting experiences of my life.  each and every person that i worked with and sat with to do  a variety of art  projects with have forever touched ME!  and i thought i was there to give to them, to take their mind off of some of their pain, both physical and emotional!  it was me that was moved to laughter and tears with each patient.....and it was me that was given the gift of time with them for the rest of their lives....quite literally!

each person that i "worked" with made a difference in my life....and not a day goes by that i don't think of one of the people that i was so blessed to know!  they were angels in my life....and they shared some of the love with my family.  we are all forever touched by that time spent with incredibly strong people and their outrageously strong family members....children, grandchildren,daughters and sons.....  they, too changed my life!

that time doing artwork with the families, of all races, religions and cultures gave me the learning of a lifetime.  art matters.  art can change the way people think.  more children should know the joy of creating and sharing.....children need to be exposed to the joy of crayons, markers, paper, paint, scissors, chalk, pastels colored pencils...........and adults too.  children can teach us!   they teach us to be less inhibited and free and to be proud and excited and enthusiastic of whatever we create.

i believe  busy homes with over scheduled children, living life in the material world....along with public education cutting back the arts.....and teaching to the test....are keeping our children from some of the simplest and healthy pleasures of

a box of crayons and a little paper.  it is magically healing!  

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