Thursday, February 25, 2010

today, i was walking the dogs in the rain....just taking it slow and meandering through the woods.

 that's when i saw the heart shaped rock.

i like to daydream and enjoy all of the textures and colors of nature. it's like my senses come alive.

the dogs run...and stop.....along stone walls they seem to be hunting chipmunks, all over and under rocks, the trails, the knot holes, the water, the grass, the snow........
every walk, everyday is a new adventure!

sometimes i feel like that.
everyday is different.....some days are more high energy, some low....but mostly, i try to enjoy the little things in life and just be aware of who and what surrounds me.

daisy and fitzy have taught me alot....slowing down and enjoying the simple things and the beauty around me!

my days are better when i take the time to pay attention to my energy and enjoy the people i meet along the way. sometimes i feel better myself when i take the time to say hello to's easier to just keep going when life's busy-ness takes over.....not in the long run.  just sharing some good....simple.

today was one of those days.  a wonderful man that we know from  town, who has just recovered from brain surgery, was getting into his car as i passed by....i thought as i passed by....oh, i'm just going to keep going....i have to get things done.  and  then i thought, this man is  i turned around for a friendly hello. what a delight. what an inspiration. how great it was just to see his smile. i was glad that i stopped. simple.

today i was out and about. many people had high energy...maybe the more mild weather made people more hopeful.....believing that sometime we would thaw out.  it seems it's always the simple kind words that make a difference....awareness of the people i encounter.  simple.

a funny thing has happened since i'm out with the dogs i love so much....they have taught me alot.  our kids have taught me alot.  to see the world from the dogs perspective is great....they have no agenda....they just love exploring, being with people, finding new scents!  so simple.  they wander, i wander with them.  simple!

the kids really are always teaching us.  when they were little, i had to learn to go the long way....little kids don't just go from point a to point b........they find so much all along the way.  i saw some 4 year olds in a store today....they were standing at some refrigerated shelving....with little organic milk boxes on the top shelf....they talked and tippy toed and jumped and reached and discussed just what they should do.....together to get that unreachable milk! it was awesome....their little brains at work doing something big people take for granted!  simple.

in the woods, i was simply taking in the beauty. i was walking looking down.....looking at the velvety moss and the testures....i was looking at the melted snow and the puddles....i was looking at the dogs paws.
life around me.  simple.

some days i'm more aware of the people and nature and my surroundings than others....
i'm always grateful when i'm aware of the goodness surrounding me.  i think having kids did that for me. i think that's what i have always loved about being with little people.....they are just people that are little!  they take time to notice the details around them.  they ask questions.  they look. they stay in the moment. simple.

i was soaking in my surroundings.  literally.  thanks to the dogs, i've learned to love the pouring rain. i've learned so much from these four legged creatures that we all love so much!  just be where we are.  simple.
when i slow down, that's when i have more appreciation for the simple bits in nature.
the heart shape rocks....

as i walk and take in everything around me.....i looked down at the trail as i walked. simple.
another heart shaped rock.

today, these heart rocks in the woods are a reminder. 
love is all around.  we just have to notice.

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