Wednesday, February 24, 2010

see the dishes!


hi!  it's me!  again!
i know,  right now you're saying,"oh no! she's playing with her computer she goes again with these ridiculous pictures!"
well, it's been fun learning a bit more about this techno world that i've been thrown into.......or chosen, ever since starting this mixed up blog.  it's been a ball!   i've learned so much!

who knew that when starting this blog about 4 months ago, i would learn so much!  and i'm proud to say that i've done it all by myself!

in the past, i always looked for a techno enabler....or some innocent codependent...preferably in my family....because of their proximity to my help me through even the simplest of mouse clicking...right click, left click, scroll!

so as it turns out, i "littlemarymixup" as my mom so endearingly nicknamed me, have enjoyed writing so much that it seems that perhaps some other bits and pieces of my life have gone astray.

how? you ask?  i'll tell you.....or at least i 'll give you the answer that comes to me right off of the top of my head.....(sorry to you if you didn't even ask that question!)....i seem to have so much fun writing that i forget to do some of the little things i'm supposed to do like.....hmmmmmm.....clean, do laundry, wash the floor, cook dinner, darn socks....oh wait! i throw out socks!  who ever darned anyway?  hey, i guess that's where the phrase,"darn it!" came from!

so where was i?  oh! that's right, i was mentioning that my blog gets me a little distracted from bedtime and sleep and....hey wait a minute!  this blog is having the same effect on me as the olympics!

sometimes, the blog comes in handy!  it's like those people we all know, who use their children as an excuse.....come on, we all know they don't have to go to another luckless potluck supper over at the neighbor cat lady's house.

do i blame the blog because i have some issues with mail....not that i don't have the stamps....i have lots of stamps...i always buy those adorable ones that come out with old movie stars or antique cars or blooming flowers or artists. i just don't always have the stamp at the time i address the envelope and if i have the stamp on the envelope, i may not have the address....if i have the address and the stamp on the envelope, i can't find  a mailbox......if i get them all together at the same time, the letter drops down between the car seat and the  middle console.....

it just goes on and on!  can i use the blog for an excuse for what happened today?  i woke up, got the kids off to school, walked the dogs through the woods in the rain, got back home, used the "sham-wow!" to wipe the 3 gallons of water on each golden retriever.........
had my coffee while watching a bit of olympic recaps, got myself ready to get out the door, drove off to my doctor's appointment,arrived at my appointment with minutes to spare, sat down to enjoy a wonderful magazine and........they saw me sitting down and......i was there one day early!  24 hours.

no, i don't think my blog is responsible for that! 

the reason that i have some crazy looking pictures on this blog is because i wanted to show my kids what can happen with the ripple effect.  lately, i think the ripple effect has come about because of my's the little things.  i like to have the kitchen clean, not perfect...just clean, orderly and comfortable. that's all.  things like counters, floor, clutter, dishes, dishwasher......what was that? the the picture that i took with my little net book.....and another picture with DISHES in the sink....hmmmmm.....why would dishes be piled up  over the edge of the sink.....
we have two kids...they are responsible for some work in our house.  the dishwasher must be emptied by both kids.  grace empties the top shelf and t.j. empties the bottom half.  somehow, last night, while i was writing my blog and watching the olympics with the family.....two of our two children did not empty the dishwasher.  i was "blogging", a word t.j. uses to make fun of my writing.....and when grace and t.j. went upstairs, i failed to notice that.......until i finished writing my -b-l-o-g- ....they were asleep!  
so, i really showed those kids of ours! i didn't empty the dishwasher all day...i waited until they came home from school and let them do it....well, guess what?  they didn't even notice....they might not have even noticed dishes up to the ceiling until i mentioned the fact that i couldn't wash the floor, because i couldn't get to the water in the sink....because the dishes in the sink didn't go into the dishwasher....because the dishwasher didn't get emptied.

and it's all because of my blog. so the reason that i have all of these pictures of me trying to get a picture of the sink in our kitchen, in our house, where i write my

over my shoulder, you might be able to see the dishes!

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