Friday, March 5, 2010

nice family road trip!

hi there!
it's me...i'm back.
we're going skiing.  we are excited to get some time with our friends. i'm trying to get ready right now...packing and getting the dogs ready for their favorite sitter!  always so much to do...even when i think we're organized!
of course i'm explaining to the dogs that i'll miss them! 
they're probably happy to have us go they can lounge around on the couch...finally have control of the clicker....turn on animal planet....microwave some popcorn and watch beethoven
 daisy's right here at my feet.  i think she knows.  she understands me.  fitzy just got a "snack" from the garbage know the one with the lid!  the one with the lid down....where you step on the make it go up!  that one.  the one that won't pop open for me if my hands are full....yup!  that's where she got her snack!
a little leftover from last night....peppered with coffee grounds and cheerios from this morning....oh...a little saran wrap with a smear of meat sauce.  nice to know she got some some of her fiber today.

i have to run to the post office to mail some e-bay!  love that!  i'm getting better at the post office karma!  now that they all know me down there at the post office....after my sister in laws package came back with...insufficient address marked on top.....they've lived in the same town for their whole married life...i've got the zip code down since i grew up there....i know her name....she's had it her whole life and took my brother's name about 27 years ago! her package came back...because i forgot to write her name on it.....shipped it out again....with name for $12.50....again!  opening her christmas gifts last week...over the phone....while she opened the box....priceless!  especially because she had to explain what some of the potpourri os gifts were!  we had a ball. for e-bay customers, i-go-very-slow-and-write-very-slowly-copying-each-letter- at home!

so, i'll get some things done around here and hope for the best on our ride with our teens and dualing ipods!
  i remember when we got the car with the d.v.d. grace and t.j. can't always decide on the same movie. i can hear it now..."grace!  stop singing! with your headphones on!  i can hear you with my headphones on!"
ah...a nice family road trip!!

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