Tuesday, March 30, 2010

please note...i wrote this in the morning before i realized that we were ankle deep in THIS!  now, i'm crying!  literally, gagging!  the only thing worse would be if biff went out of town, as earlier planned! misery loves company!

hi there! it's only tuesday and it has hit the fan!  our save the day septic guy is on his way.  who ever thought my life would come to this?  it's not like i was in my all women's college economics class and the professor spoke of the supply and demand of the septic system.  well, last night before dinner, the anderson brothers were in demand!  supply/demand!  i guess i fully understand business.....finally!

time to shove THIS.....have no fear....the anderson brothers have stepped in THIS before!

we are in full supply of this(mixup the letters and you get sh..) and there apparently is great demand for the anderson brothers.  we are, no pun intended, #2 on the list.  yup...that's us., #2.  there were 4 people that called our heroes before 7 last night!
our kids were wondering just how someone decided to go into this kind of business.  biff was explaining that forever and ever, in life, there have been people who have been smart enough to know that there's money to be made when there's a job that no one else would want to do.  hey, for the anderson brothers, life gives other people lemons, they make lemonade!

i can hear my professor's voice right now. an elderly hungarian man, who had lived through some tough times before coming to america. one of the economics lessons that i will always remember began with an orange.  o.k, of all of the boring black and white information we learned, this was my most visual...no wonder i remember this, with the accent and all.

little white haired, distinguished, blue eyed dr. horvath told us of "suuuuu-ply and deeeee-maaaanD", "i
was a leetel boy in hunnnn-ga-reeeee......there was very leetel food for dee fammmmm-eee-leee.  my seeee-ster had one oranGe and i had one oranGe.....i sat quieTTTleeee and beGan to peeeeel the oranGe slow---leeeeee, very slow-leeeee and the jooooos, it was making my mouTH water so......i took one biTe and eet was the mmmmmost WONderfullll taste that i had in quite sum time!  i was soooooo haPPeeeee to have thissss fine oranGe.i ate my oranGe, peeees by peeeees and was savoRing this jooooos of the oranGe.  when i was feeeeeneeeesheD with my oranGe my seester offered me her oranGe.      so haPPy to have her share, i took the peeeeses of that oranGe.... and i began to eat.  EEEEt was never so tasty as the first as that first oranGe! 

you see, when i haD the first oranGe, eeeet was most deeeee-liciousss and thennnnn, the seconD oranGe was not as spesh-eel.  this eeeeez suP-Ply anD Deee-manD!"

that is but one tid bit that i have taken with me.  much of my college learning was more life lessons than EEEEEEEk-o-nommm-eeeeeks...and certainly, this lesson of supply and demand comes to life this morning. our fine mr. anderson is in big demanD this morning!

thankfully, if there is anything out of this stinky story to be thankful for, grace and t.j. woke up this morning very slowly....biff and i poked and prodded....i called out to them.  finally, when they did pop out of their beds, they were moved by the aroma in our lovely home.  it was not pancakes. it was not bacon and eggs.

they were so moved that it got them right out of the house and off to school, concerned that a trail would follow them off like pepe' le pew from bugs bunny.

i loved pepe' le pew!

did you ever have so much of THIS going on that you feel like stopping a dump truck and saying,"come on back, come on, come on....back it up, back it up....a little more....just a little bit more.....o.k......DUMP IT RIGHT HERE!  o.k. you got me that's it!!STOP!

oh! speaking of supply and demand, my littlemarymixup e-bay is doing just great!  i've found plenty of wonderful things to sell!  our supply is too great....so, we'll see if our over supply is what's in demand for others!!  i have so much to list....supply.....and not enough time.....too many demands for me to be in too many places today!  if you like the e-bay supply....keep watching, i have way more to list!!

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