Thursday, March 25, 2010

i know your pain. big scary pain...and remembering how bad it feels...emotionally to keep thinking this may be it, this may be it.  i lived that and then slowly, i felt peace wash over my body like a warm wave in the bath...i let go, i trusted and life's 13 1/2 years later and my bouncing baby boy is taller than me. life is good.  it's sad to lose life.  traumatic to think what might have been...i still wonder about that other time.  who would that be? i love whoever that was....forever whoever will be with me...and you. i wish you peace and more peace to love your family...

that was my wish for someone worried about having another miscarriage.  i remember that...everyday.  no one would know when i smile, i sing, i laugh, i dance, i walk the dogs....but, i'll never forget....ever.  and whoever that baby was is with me/us everyday.  that's a gift...that i never got to hold...still, a gift of life.

i had that scare when i was expecting t.j.....and it was so much like that real miscarriage.  same month, same snow, same trip to barnes and noble....same tears...same scare.....same biff calling the doctor...only we had gift....our life.........and the snow kept snowing....and the tears kept flowing and the doctor said rest....and we were terrified....and then......peace.....and all those months later....t.j......our gift! never take a gift for granted. thank God!  everyday.....a million times and more.
i'm so grateful for my family.  so, so grateful.

sorry if this turned mushy on you!  i am tired and i am tired of headaches and sunlight.  i live for sunlight. this will change, once i have rest.  rest will come...sometime. i have to try to keep my eyes closed. computer, reading books, t.v., stuff....i drove a lot today...forgot my shades....sun...headaches.  the doctor says the concussion is like shaking a fish bowl....and all of the colored pebbles have to settle...and the water has to stop swishing!  i have to settle...that's tricky!

and then there's the family.  and then there's my little e-bay biz,,,i want to grow. 

i want to have my biz.  here are some of my e-bay darlings.....
i love my store.  i just have felt like i've been slowed down...just when i'm revved up to go.  life happens.  that's o.k.  i'm slow listing and i have so much to list.  grace even sold her pink electric's going to a guy with a gig coming up.  i like my e-bay customers.  the patchwork madras pants from brooks brothers went to las vegas...isn't that a kick!  seems like an oxymoron to me!  brooks goes vegas!
the great dooney and bourke bucket bag in navy went to someone's mom in florida....
grace's chinese silk little girl dress went to ohio....i wish i could follow to see how people look when they open their little packages, wrapped in tissue...and some ribbon...because i'm a retailer at heart!  i've sent birthday gifts and easter outfits!  i'm back in retail and i love it....even if i'm starting slow!! i've got new things to add to my store my sterling cuff!
.and it's not like saks 5th in southampton when we all had to go in at 
5:30a.m. to 10 main street and meet the truck to unload it for the week's new merchandise!! so old school...awesome!

 that picture up above is adams china, a wedgwood mom had adams, lowestoff....they made so many different mom bought her first piece in bermuda....and she bought a piece like her aunt gertrude had...up in massachusetts....we got home and found she bought the wrong pattern!  and that's when the quest began...adams england again....the collection grew...and i collected a i have my mom's and i don't care about some of the similar patterns...this was an oriental looking version, called adams,metz.

this is a wedgwood veggie dish ...lovely!  i wish mom was here to have some retail fun with me!
biff and i were laughing about me slowing down with my blog....i only have 28 followers!  it's not like there's a crowd!  not everyone signs in...and that's kind of fun.  a friend said, it's like writing a book and not knowing who checks it out at the library! 

biff's mom wrote her book and it did well...our fun thing we do whenever we stop in a library....anywhere in the u.s......we look up her book, take it out....and stand it up on display!  that makes us laugh!  again and again!  like a toddler with surprise of a jack in the box.....POP goes the weasel! every time, it's new!!

hugs to all....wherever you's o.k....even if i don't know you're's just words....going out to my little world!  my universe!  that's enough.  i still haven't figured out why anyone would read this if they were just popping by!  why? i know photobucket sweeps through to take my pictures....t.j. saw daisy on google images!!!!

and on that note, i'll say nitey nite!! gotta go shopping tomorrow for some biscuits and maybe a cozy new dog bed!

tomorrow is daisy's birthday!! eight years old....the puppy we love so much!! we'll be having a birthday at the beach with some puppy friends!  fitzy is hoping for cake!  me too!

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