Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i know this is an oxymoron to a mom...the doctor told me to lay low, stay home and rest, close my eyes, try not to go on the computer, watch t.v., or read.

so, where's the plane ticket to a warm and sunny paradise?

oh, that's right, the sunshine doesn't feel so good in my feels like eye strain.

sunglasses.  that's it.  except i mostly wear my shades for the summer or for the added accessory.  oh, don't worry this accessory girl has lots of shades.  as we used to say, "my future's so bright, i have to wear shades!"

it's different when they're "prescribed"!  so, yesterday, i'm taking t.j. to the wrong dentist....orthodontist...., and i wore my shades out in the rain.  even that felt bright on my eyes....but, i quickly forgot, when we arrived at the orthodontist and dianne, the wonderful receptionist, had that puzzled look on her face!  we talked about the bill so that i could make a payment while we waited for t.j. to be seen.....oh, he was seen.  that's when dianne gladly took the payment and glanced over at t.j. and said quietly to me,"t.j. doesn't have an appointment today." that's when i realized my cell phone had an incoming call from the dentist during another phone conversation....i said quietly to dianne, "i think we're supposed to be at his dentist appointment!".....i called my other favorite receptionist in the world, zoe!  quietly.  yes, we were due in.  yes. 15 minutes would be fine!"  t.j. never knew the difference.

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