Monday, March 29, 2010

this e-bay has been so much fun!  i have a lot to learn...everyday is  different.  it's a surprise everyday! it's exciting to mail out the auction wins!

who would think? me? at the post office?  one of my greatest issues....mail!  postoffice...getting the mail to the post office!  packaged!

it turns out, i love packaging the merchandise. i like it to look pretty when the winner receives it!  it really is my little store! was a little tricky to get it done on friday.  i had some o'neill boots, in original box for pennsylvania....a black leather jacket for florida, a dooney and bourke bucket bag for new york state that was changed to florida because it was a birthday present for his mom!....a camera to turkey, for real! i mailed something to turkey!  if you know my mix ups, you know that was a huge event for the post office.  i even had to get through the customs paperwork...can you tell that i'm feeling proud?  turkey wasn't the biggest trick, although writing out the address gave me writers cramp!
my biggest challenge was.....grace's pink electric guitar!...only going to pennsylvania but how about the box! i looked...i called people....i stopped a delivery truck!  i remembered our garage....a safe haven for boxes and tubs...i found it!  i had to take out some of the shelving that came with it..."new in box" as we say in the e-bay world!....i packed up the guitar...with lots of newspaper and a very large lid from one of our plastic tubs.. a little extra it wouldn't arrive....broken!  it was great!  esxcept for the top 4 inches....i wrapped that up  with boxes and taped it all together.  you've never seen a more mixed up looking package....i know it will get there safe though!! even the woman at the post office gasped!  the big job was taken care of...i really did it....grace had the turkey customer and the electric guitar time, she'll have to come with me....i've already let her know that i'd have to charge her for that kind of stress!!  by the way, i was the last customer in the post on the edge...but i got it done!  even with my postal issues.

i must admit, i have to learn where the best location is to contain the merchandise!  i have so much to sell that i don't have it all up on e-bay yet!  the descriptions take time...the research takes time...and keeping organized to mail it all takes time....where to keep it is my bigger project.  i started out in the family room!  we've outgrown that area...i have it all in tubs and i know what's what...but it doesn't do much for the decor!

this is what we have...not even from the antique stores that i frequent....not even from stores...not even from the outside world....just stuff.

do you have stuff?  you probably move your stuff out immediately.  i know, you don't have junk in your junk drawer.  your closets are organized.  your garage has cars.  your kids have nothing more than they need...the ideal amount of STUFF!

not us.  and we give away. we hand me down. we share. we sell.  we work at clearing out.  always.  that's my mission in life.  getting it out! i desperately want to be free of too much stuff!  i want to live simply.  the stuff just complicates things!

we are very blessed.  blessed to have such abundance...that doesn't mean that we need to have it all under our roof!

today, i have to get some more listings up!  i have to bring t.j. an english paper that he left on the kitchen table...i have to get our dogs out for a big the rain...i have to clean the paw prints on the kitchen floor.

hey!  how did that happen?  it's only monday...i had kids and biff here all weekend...why is it more upside down on mondays?  anybody have the answer?  i still can't figure it out!

we did some outside work. we did lots of laundry.  we took care of a couple of projects....and's all left for me!  i guess that's o.k. but i think i have the answer....i'll say."pick up your stuff
or i'll sell it on e-bay!" it might just work...i'm on a roll, don't stop me now!

no photos in this post...they won't upload...something new to figure out! i'd better go bring t.j. his's pouring out there...really puring...connecticut news keeps reporting floods! oh, great...i better start selling everything we own in the basement!  watch for it all on e-bay!!

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