Tuesday, April 27, 2010

did you ever have a day where  something kept repeating throughout the day. colors are it today....shades of blue. funny how that happens.  sometimes it's a word that i hear again and again.  maybe it's a name, a town i've never heard of or a place, vacation destination or a restaurant. funny.
today, my e-bay keeps popping up on the screen...today must be a blue day....people are looking at blue....evne my blue willow sugar bowl, and antique.
go figure.
today has been much more quiet than yesterday. 
t.j.'s only request of the day was "soup". campbells. i think it's called soup to go.  

do you ever remember moments?  just moments....but specific moments?

t.j. can't chew very well with his braces...drinking microwave soup from the container is a long way from my father's biggest pet peeve, pushing the soup spoon away from you when you take a spoonful of soup.  i remember where we were, in our breakfast room, my dad was facing the window and the window was at my left. i had tomato soup for the first time and he told me it was his favorite. go figure.

did you ever have a recurring theme in your life...ever?  i have lots.

did you ever see something that reminds you of someone you love...just something little.  

one day while moseying through home goods, i came upon a whole display of summer plates...daisy plates. i thought of my mom...she would have loved the turquoise background and great daisies splashed all over the plates! she loved daisies.  i love daisies. 

i've been noticing lots of mom things.  i do all of the time.  certain things.  some jump out at me like daisies.  others are more quiet...like when i pull off the yellow/brownish leaves off of her geraniums.  always geranium pink, she would quietly gather the recalcitrant leaves and listen to her 40's tunes  on the radio, sometimes a bit crackly...i think of how she loved to poke at her plants...quietly....dressed
up, in her nightgown after her coffee and toast and orange juice and bit of crumb cake.  medicine for her arthritis was a part of the morning ritual.

rituals.  she thrived on those rituals....breakfast and the morning in general was big in the ritual department.

i can remember every detail of her day.  she progressed through her morning in a very specific order. there was a predictability about those mornings. even grace and t.j. knew how she rolled in the mornings!

maxwell house ground coffee.

tropicana o.j.
ground coffee in mr.coffee coffee maker.

orange juice. tropicana.
while the coffee is brewing, she took her arthritis medicine and her aspirin. she stood at the kitchen sink and drank out of a small glass cup, placed the cup on the counter, poured her o.j. into the cup.
next stop.  run the  stengl coffee cup under hot water, pour the mr. coffee into warmed up cup. sit at the kitchen table with the coffee...take one sterling teaspoon of sugar, stir and sip. then, she would open her new york times....and slowly  sip her coffee. oh! wait! i forgot her toast...her whole morning was based on the perfect piece of cinnamon toast.
her toast would arrive at the table already buttered becasue apparently the toast would lose heat in the travel time.  this process was  well thought out. she sat at the table and crunched into the perfectly browned pepperidge farm cinnamon raisin toast, sip coffee, read paper, sip coffee, finish toast....pour new coffee and carry her small piece of crumb cake to the table and butter it...sip coffee and bite.

the dishes in the sink, wash the dishes, clean the sink was another long process.
shopping was a big part of her process.  here goes,,,,

sorry i'm having a tough time getting my pics tonight...i'm falling asleep. this late night blogging and e-bay is exhausting!

sorry for the mixed up story...my eyes are literally closing!

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