Monday, April 26, 2010

too much,too little,too late

too much, too little, too late! those are my words right/write now....long day. lots to do.
too tired.
long days, late nights.
no good.
hurry up. 
hurry, please!
just a minute.
oh, don't do that.
no way, never!
no, it's o.k.
no, i'm not!
could you please?
do you mind?
is there anything to eat here?
why now?
are you kidding me?
i will. i did. i won't.
don't say that.
i'll be right there!
i know.
uh huh.
tell her to be quiet.
why did you let him?
i forgot.
i didn't see it.
come on?!
wait...wait...wait...please wait!
that was some of the was a really nice day. just non stop and random and going and going and going.
600.wake up.
700. kids go
730.biff and i go to t.j.'s school to meet the principal just because we wanted to chat before the end of the year. we love that guy. runs a tight ship.
830 leave school
845 back home
850 call t.j.'s school...forgot to tell mrs. healy i had to pick t.j. up at 920 for orthodontist.
915 leave home...bring daisy for some 1 on 1 quality time!  i swear!
920 pick up t.j.
926 drove right past the just on auto pilot....and 7 minutes back around.
934t.j. at orthodontist we love. pay. great people in that office...lots of smiles...for real!
t.j. psyched to get out of school evenif he has to have wire wrapped in and around and upside down all of his's worth it for time out of the building.
930 orthodontist with ted for his 2 hour appointment to have braces set.

945 leave orthodontist
948 car won't start vrmmmmmmmSTOP.
949 car won't start vrmmmmmmmmmmSTOP.
950 call biff...this is wierd biff.....he is in office nearby...interrupt him....i take daisy for walk while i wait for biff. i am up a hill and over when biff arrives.
1000 he arrives. love that guy. i greet with daisy. all give kisses.
1001 biff starts car...vrmmmmmmmmmmVRMMMMMMM.
car actually started on 1st try.  am i munchhausen mom of car...create problem for car to get husband attention? pathetic...not even i would do.
1005hear ticking noise in car while biff is still there with motor running.  ticktickticktick....biff hears it...thank goodness or i'm crazy.
biff listens. says i should go get oil changed. when did i change oil last?/ hmmmmm? when did we get this car?  no really.  really?  hmmmmmm.....maybe in the winter...when in the winter.,....let's see....i was wearing....was it the day it was raining...ohm, wait that's today. lots of rain....on me.....daisy...biff.  kiss biff. thanks biff.  biff you better go to work. thanks.
1020 go to starbucks with daisy...gentle dog.  see favorite police lt.....or is that short for light? anyway police sarg that got promotion to lt....get it?  say hi to lt. o'....say hi to anne....ask if they will pooch sit daisy....ann thought i asked her to babysit t.j. since they're in the same grade.  odd look she gives me...hmmmm. no not ted, he's at the teeth guy.\\oh, really, he's getting braces.  ned is not getting braces. lt. o' says son didn't need them....i said oh bout you watch daisy out here while i get coffee.....oh hi are you....everyone says are you wait...gotta are ...see you

well, that lasted about til almost yikes!
1130 yikes have to pick up t.j.
call teeth secretary......oh, hi is t.j.done cuz i'm on my way......
1200t.j. almost ready. watching video on how to care for hardware in mouth.   finish. talk to lovely great dentist...great smile.
bye to receptionist...great smile. checked out on time stamp for pass for school
1210 t.j.goes back up to teeth guy to see if he can eat with all of this electicl wiring in mouth.
1215 back to car with mom and daisy smiling.
1217t.j.wants to eat at mc.d's ...we NEVER go there anymore....once a year maybe 2 if desperate...sounds fine....he says lunch is over...where could he eat? in the hall?  in the english class with british english teacher who is very strict...thankfully.  t.j. also comes up with idea that he must eat and stop at home b/c he has to brush...first day does not want to have food in there...GROSS MOM!
1220mc.ds even i get some....o.k.done. sorry daisy none for you...probs better for daisy than for us.   drive toward school...t.j. says i should at least let him brush....hard to argue with brushing.....sure...another minute.  he really is a good patient and has no complaints other than gross thought of food in wires.  i remember theresa in 9th grade...STILL...bad memories of t. eating cheetos and having yellow/orange cheeeeetos all wrapped up and tangled and squishy in her big silver braces...good diet for 9th grade weight obsessed me.  no interest in eating if i see t. teeth after cheeeeetos...which she seemed to have everyday...maybe i should have changed tables. just thought of that! darn.phew....t.g. i don't have to go thru 9th grade again.....thank GOD that someone in ny state stole the math was good sometimes in 9th grade....except t. and her cheeeeeeto teeth.  gotta go brush just thinking of that....gotta sleep...
but, much more.
t.j. to school. 
phone rings at home.
text comes in from grace...needs lacrosse skirt...lacross #shirt for game.
what game? i today
must have by 2:15
o.k. it's 1:45.
wait. must take fitzy and daisy out.
get in car and wait...better get my ebay to mail....didnt get to blog....darn...i wanted some quiet to work. do blog. do ebay. do......
NO because then the message...text comes....from grace....wait...another
it's from biff.grace txtd him wen i didnt are you coming.  bus is here...txyxtxtxtxttxtxtxt...i'm driving. cell phone falls to floor of rings and rings and rings....i figure i better pull over and get the phone...maybe t.j. has been electocuted with new wiring.
stopped car with new valvoline oil...forgot to mention that at 1000 this am.  then talked on cell to mb about her garden club in atlanta. southern belles etc.
STOP CAR, crawlo under seat where phone is rings again. i;m coming grace, im coming grace....bus is here....where are you...cant miss bus game is in alaska....i have to be on the bus.....i dirive in parking lot at school...bhind bussssessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssand then the phone rings and i hear grace and i anser saying.....i am right here can you see me.....grace says it's too late//////i say no it is not too late b/c i am here and i can see you there. come get the bag of stuff.  thanks mom. thatnks mom thanks bye love you see you later have a great game have fun on the bus.
225get home. sit. bathroom. 2 large coffees later. glad i thought to take a sec...with dogs in batheroom....dogs wondering why we need that porcelaine.....i dont discuss that matter with them.
quiet. ahhhhh.
sit. log on.look at ebay to mail. start to read email.....and 
235t.j walks    in. hi good day. great only 2 hours of school. i like that. principal says you are a great kid.....oh mom he's just saying that. ok i say, i guess he doesn't know you......even a compliment gets questioned. oh mom.
then, tj says hardware in mouth not like the other spots.  only back inside right...i call smiling receptionist. hi. yes . back. teeth....yes pointy.  poking. hurts...yes wire, poking wire....oh....hmmmmm yes 415!
330 t.j. we can go at 415. we must leave at 400
ok tj is ready to go. mouth must hurt if he is jumping up to go.
ok.....moments....1/2 hour.....snip hardware wire pointy thingy.  thank you nice smiling. bye.

455tj says mom remember you promised me if i did my homework immediately after school that you would take me to cleveland to get that thing at that place about 3000000 miles away. yes i remember. well, grace is away. where is that game anyway? oh my gosh. game is where i wanted to go today to get new washing machine since ours is dead since flood.  would like matching dryer too  pretty color...maybe not in basement ...cut out the middle man.../floor.
ok tj i will take you......on and on and on.
630biff calls. where are you? 2 blocks away. where are you. looking out the front living room window.....i see you..ok love you see u in a minute.....
hi kissskisss...loook at tj tj wow you still look handsome.
i take dogs outside in wee bit of yard ball with daisy...while fitzy watches......biff comes to door....GRACE IS ALMOST HOME FROM GAME>>>WILL U PICK HER UP? i'm cooking dinner so do you i'm soaked but thats ok.
i get in car i drive to pik up grace. won game. i take pic. grace not 
happy that i take pic. actually, kind of not nice...then calms..then we talk about

home dinner kids homework teeth dentist calls to ase about  nice nice man who loves his work......good job.....maybe someone shosuld be must shower.......biff needed to do email
i wanted ebay
grace homework tedshower.
me alone...very late, ebay facebook for about 5 mins...sat to write that im too tired to post really late,,,,,,what did ya do today? nothing much how bout you?

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