Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! It's a wonderful day to stop and be thankful for the beauty around us. Today we can recognize how precious our abundant 
resources are to us.  much of what we do have we have to work tirelessly to keep and do our best as individuals to be an active participant in caring for our own small world. We can be mindful.  we can keep and inner checklist running throughout the day. Check. Check. Check.

We have many places to volunteer, organizations  and groups to join...sometimes that can be overwhelming.  that's why it's a good thing to start in our own homes....check.......our own lawns....check......and our town.....check......before we individually go global!  

If we haven't changed our light bulbs at home, it's a bit much to conquer the global warming issues.  we can begin with our own heat....lower the heat in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer.  Check.

We can continue to constantly remind our children to turn off their lights and their radios, ip ods and computers when they leave the room. Check.

It's the little things.that I can take care of to feel I am actively making an effort to respect the resources that we have today I think of the fish when I run water while brushing my teeth, taking a shower or watering the plants. Check.

When I am in the car waiting  for endless hours, days, weeks,  months and years for our kids to find their sneakers, hats, cleats, wrist guards, helmets, backpacks, lollipops, lacrosse sticks, homework, favorite blankets, socks, ipods, flip flops, team shirt, snorkel gear, elmo, cell phones, sippy cups, boogie boards, good night moon book, sunglasses, mittens, best friends, water bottles, beach towels, ballet shoes, brothers and sisters over the years......i turn off the engine of the car.  I figure that alone must save enough gasoline to fuel a spaceship to the moon. Check.

Since i'm very visual, i imagine the spaceship with my monogram on the side. brushing my teeth, i think about dora in flushed away....i like to think about the cute cartoon fish rather than the fish in the window of the fish store with his bulging eyes staring at me.  While changing a lightbulb, I like to think about having an idea for a new joke about how many blondes  it takes to get the job done. Check.

last year, while feeling particularly earthy crunchy, i went to the fancy pants kitchen store....a shock to my inner becky home ecky, who dreams of cooking extravagant feasts.....
to find a compost bin for our kitchen counter!  I realized my inner earth biscuit when I chose the bamboo bin and natural bamboo is bamboo color....which is a shade of the brown family.  I bit the bullet/bamboo when I paid full price for a compost bin that did not meet my inner color goddess' approval.  actually, it was a struggle just to take it off the shelf....but, I was cool! I was hip! I was down! I was on it! I was with it! I was all over it!  Until my hippie/artsy/crunchy factor clashed with my classic/traditional/prep factor!

I managed to get out the door with the new compost bin...i took a deep breath and lugged my pricey bamboo bin to the car.....I drove home feeling pretty earth conscious and was just after that that it hit me.  The conflict within was real!  As I placed the bin on the black granite counter, on top of the old white cabinets, next to the new white sink, above the white tile floor, in front of the bead board walls, across from....YIKES!...conflict...
conflict...conflict...above the white bead board!  It was scary for me.  I felt like I was in a which fish is different picture.
I pushed on despite the crazy color wheel spinning inside my head....i left the fancy schmancy bamboo compost bin on the counter. I began using it after dinner. I was justifying the color clash because I, alone was going to change the world one paper filled with coffee grounds at a time, one sorry salad  leftover at a time, one banana peel at a time, one apple core at a time....and the bamboo began to blend in....slowly.  The clash was fading....slowly. i was too caught up in my compost contribution to care. I was a crunchy prep combo platter and there was no going back. Check.

I was contributing to the big picture....I was proud.  I began to recycle a bit more.  Check.

A few years ago, we got new windows installed in the house.  We were tired of our hair blowing in the wind on cold winter days! Check.

Shorter showers. check.
Lights out. check.
Drug free lawn....even though it's not as green as the jones'. check.


My love of the earth...for real, not for crunch chat....began at polliwog pond.  Polliwog was the place the kids got down and dirty.  there were always girls and boys down at Polliwog Pond. 

The Dinosaur Tree was the  challenge of was shaped like the long curvy neck of  Dino the Dinosaur, on The Flintstones.

Polliwog is where I learned to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.....with a stick and string and a hook....we all fished there.  That was where I learned about nature.  In it.

Biff and I chose our house in Connecticut when we saw the house on the hill with the stone wall in was like the beautiful stone walls at the big ol'1700's brick house farm  where he grew up. The trees ,the stone walls and the gravel drive was reminiscent of my polliwog  days written all over it.  I attribute our love of nature to polliwog and Brick House Farm!  We're here because of the was subliminal for Biff and I.  It's always the little things.  

Happy Earth Day! Think about the little things!

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