Thursday, April 22, 2010

thanks for stopping by! sorry i'm not going to have too much to say because i have a little eye strain right now.  the computer is hurting my eyes!  e-bay, blog and facebook!  

earlier today, i had some time with some real computer literate people!  i learned so much that my head was spinning...

so much learning and trying to think left brain for 3 hours when i'm right wonder why i have eye strain!  i have brain strain too.  

i have lots of kooky things that have happened this week. what else is new.

my eyes are still not back to normal since the concussion.  sun light and eye strain continues to upset me.  It's not something that i've ever had to deal with before.  I've always had perfect eyesight...until some of the  40 something stuff kicked in!  so, now just some reading glasses.

now, reading glasses aren't the's the concussion snow globe head i have.  it's still here!  mind boggling.

i'm tired.  i'm going to sleep.  too much strain on my eyes after a long day.  

ha ha!  the doc said to rest...sure!  was she kidding?  how? where? when? someday?

so, never take your beautiful eyes for granted.  be grateful. everyday be grateful for your gifts. whatever they are. little=big grateful!  it makes my days better!

even with eye strain!

good news...i got some more blonde today!  after the month of flooding troubles, it's time!
i have happy hair! that's what biff says!  he knows that my blonde is relative to my happiness.  feel good, ya look good...ya look good, ya feel good!!  so, on that note....i'm going to sleep on my color and cut!!

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