Friday, April 23, 2010

here i sit. it's the beginning of the weekend.  i love the weekend. although i do have a moment that i think to myself, o.k. what can we do, what can we accomplish, where will we go, let's make the most of it.

then, i breathe.  i think to myself, is that really how i want to live?  i like the structure. structure is good...especially for our kids....especially to keep biff and i to keep focused.

we're both a tad overwhelmed since we still drive up the driveway to see two giant dumpsters filled to's more the look of sanford and son than marthastewart 

country home magazine! 
we have stuff...we have stuff in the yard...we have workers who promise to come back....they are tending to bigger and better flood families!

so, i am torn.  do i try to clean up the lawn, the inside, the garage, shop for the new washer and dryer, walk the dogs at the beach, mail e-bay to customers, sell e-bay 

or shop for new clothing that was lost in the flood...just askin'

we seem to be temporarily frozen in neutral. we do little bits at a time. we get interrupted by life. we have your average interruptions...  family, dogs, cats, meetings, appointments...and some time to just be.  just quietly be.

we all need to have balance. balance keeps us "centered!"....the overused sensitive new age word of the day. peace. hmmmmmm. core. flax seed kind of words that we have integrated into our daily vocabulary to let people know that we are hip to the health culture. we don't mention when we eat chips. by the way, don't mention the peanut m&m's in the company of others either!

it's a dead giveaway that you are not conscious of life choices.
use words like, granola, bran

greens, bran, water, soy, tofu.

be subtle.  very subtle.  these are my own personal suggestions
use them quietly. do not shout these out. stand proud while the others are in awe of what a great parent you are!
*mention your health food store...
*better yet, carry your eco-totes, 
*wear yoga inspired tops or organic tees. 

*mention your recycle bin....the $ your kids have saved at the bottle recycle center at your grocery store...
*mention that they're paying for their own trip to a random country, other than the u.s.a.  the $ from their recycled bottles will be paying for! 
*when you're asked about the vacation  destination.... be sure to nod your head no because your kids will going to a country with no running water or dirty water...tetanus shots are required.

just sayin''ll be way more interesting than if you talk about your kids and their new blackberries, cell phones,
i-tunes accounts and their shallow shoppinghabits of conspicuous consumption....and their diet of starbucks frappechinos and blueberry muffins!
just sayin'.
back to us and our plans for the weekend.  we can't order pizza, we did that last night.  we will do our best.  i will try not to crack under the pressure and stress and eat peanut m&m's.
we will begin our saturday morning with starbucks coffee.
biff and i might have more than one cup...maybe, living in the fast lane that we do...we will have 3 cups.  not to be confused with yuppies, which we were but cannot admit.  we're not proud of it lands like a cannonball in conversation rather than  a darling dive. that's when i talk of my outward bound trip and my personal growth....
oh, and i did train for a marathon!  oops, at the last minute i chickened out. that's not good in today's conversation.
it's way better to have blown a knee at mile 24 on my fourth marathon for cancer or diabetes or world hunger. better ix-nay on the marathon-nay!
make a note of will save you lots of stares and discomfort after the cannonball
today. this is my life. ready. go.
wake up.
talk to biff about our lives...maintenence life...
dog walks, 
list my vintage on e-bay, 
pay the dog sitters today, 
kid schedules, bank,
post office, 
biff work updates...he just got another order, my e-bay updates, sold some, mailed some.  sold the tracy porter 
cake plate. sold the j.crew cardigan sweater. sold the tracy porter cake knife. sold the tin kitchen sign.  oops. gotta mail it
out!  that's my biggest challenge....but, i'm getting it done!  mom would be proud since i didn't get her organizational abilities or her good post office karma....but, i'm learning...finally.

oops. gotta mail it out!

that's my biggest challenge....but, i'm getting it done!  mom would be proud since i didn't get her organizational abilities or her good post office karma....but, i'm learning...finally! 

pick up kids=when?
sleep over kids=yes or no?
sleep over kids= time?
grocery shopping=

need milk,

need cereal

biff and i=need a
exercise and a date, not in that order. 

oops. i stopped to write here on my blog and stopped listing my e-bay vintage! 

gotta go. what was that i was saying about structure?  

oh, by the way, t.j. ended up going to a friend's house....and also had a spontaneous sleepover!

grace has 2 fun friends sleeping who's afraid of dogs. just an hour ago, grace asked me casually, "oh and could you do something with the dogs? macy is afraid of them...terrified, could you move them somewhere?" then after my directions, she left the room.  i wonder where she thinks the dogs will go?  a spa for the night?  a movie?  the girls are all revved up to watch "marley and me"....

and they've got the tissue.

"see ya" or e-bay! 

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