Saturday, April 17, 2010

i have all of the signs! i know that keep it simple is a good way to go through life.  i know it works.  

why am i selling some of the signs i've purchased for some whimsy in the house?

funny...i have this one just to remind me to cook!  that may seem a bit odd but i'll take any reminder i can get!  
o.k., how could i leave this in the store?  it was perfect for grace's sweet room with all of her beautiful beach colors!  it still is perfect....but, since my sweet little girl has posters of her favorite teen idols on her walls....yes, i did give in to that!  yikes....from all of the beautiful little girl decor to teen wild and crazy has been a whirlwind of scotch tape for posters, photos...not in frames and favorite photos taped on the wall! well, the room has as much personality as my grace!
hence, the retirement of this adorable wall hanging!
not really...i just saw this in a store and thought it was a cute idea....not for me ....for the dogs!  thankfully, i did NOT buy it...the photo was enough!  the dogs are just fine without it!
a fun anniversary moment...biff and i know we love each other so we really can do without robert browning's sentiment! it's now on sale.  actually, we never did hang it up!
it's true.  we mean it. always know you're welcome at our house.  we just figure if we let this sign go, you may not have to trip over it on your way in!
basically, the creativity seems to get in teh way of keeping it simple.  ahhh, the irony!

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