Saturday, April 17, 2010

somehow, i just clicked a button on facebook....and i'm a mom with a.d.h.d.!
i thought this was just the group for, i became a fan.

with just a click of a button, i became a member of a group where people would understand me!
i began to read about this group....that i was so happy to be a part of....other moms who have mixups and issues keeping organized....keeping life organized...keeping family organized!
oops!  the group is for moms of kids with a.d.h.d.  a group of wonderful caretakers of kids with some very difficult days integrating into the order and structure of their days....

it was not meant for theory.  i was not meant for theory.
just another mixup...or misunderstanding....or impulsive...impetuous.....hmmmmm?  

oh well...i guess i'll "remove my name from fans"!

maybe there's a group for kids with moms who are so super organized, they take their children to their first day of pre-school a day early!

or take them to montessori a day early for school....thinking the end of vacation date meant the first day back to school....not the last day of vacation!

or taking a child to the orthodontist appointment on the date and time of the dentist appointment!

or calling out the name of another child in a lacrosse game...a friend who was on another team....or shouting out the wrong play at the wrong time.
if you hear of the group for my ever embarrassed children, let me know.

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