Sunday, April 4, 2010

I shall try to type this with the proper capital letters and some fine punctuation....oops...unless i feel like I need to use my dot dot dots as my breath when I'm talking!  This remedial  typing that needs work....typing with all of the proper capitals seem to make me really slow down and not tell my stories as I have to think so hard for my fingers hitting the right the right rythym feels off!  got that?  got that my good old friend?......the friend who became my friend because she made me laugh, in the most horrible math class, with the most horrible teacher, who droned on and if freshman algebra wasn't boring enough!!

She made me laugh so hard, that  I spent many   afternoons after school....with the horrible teacher....who we called "lurch"....only because he was just as creepy.  I had extracurricular boredom with lurch.

As I curse at they keyboard, I will think of my friend...perhaps even cursing her for suggesting capital letters...that take up more energy than my piano lessons.  oh! But of course, she played piano well too. And a great writer....who just wants capitals.

I'll give it a that would really make people read this blathering blog! blah..blah..blah...blah..blahG!

Back to the blog, since I've given my greatest critic such a huge ego that I will have to hear all about it forever...even if I get one new follower....ONE! She will tell me, for the rest of our lives, that each new follower has stayed to read my blog because of HER capitals.  O.k., she is a LEO and I am a LEO....we do understand our lioness features....she knew she could get me....just by telling me proper capitalization would take my blog to the big time!  And how could we not be friends?  Our Leo egos... we have a mutual admiration society!  Leos know Leos....notice the capitals.

This is a friend who has been there through thick and thin, ups and downs, a very unpleasant math class and an even worse home ec in becky home ecky.......and through it all, we've both been very grateful for the continuing goodness in our lives....and the hysterical laughter that we provide for each other....through good times and bad!  This is the friend  who everyone dreams of when they imagine a really great friend.

And how could it be possible for Leos to be friends?
Don't have the explanation. As a matter of fact, I'm surrounded by some great Leo friends...and a sister in law, another great Leo.  You would think that the Leo personalities would require others WITHOUT the Leo ego and leonine ways.......but, NO! We all feed off of each other and there are enough of us to keep us all seen and heard.....and praised!  And loving our highlights....only a Leo would have so much conversation about hair color, hair style, hair cut, shampoo, blow dryers.....and our claws, our nails....and our paws.  It's just what we do.  Not even us.  It is not anything I can's a Leo thing.  If you know any, just'll start to notice your friend calling you in tears about a canceled hair color, cut appointment or a hairdresser's retirement.  They will care, like crazy, about their Lion's den at home....the color and comfort of course....and the quality! It's just others....NOT to us!  I wish you all luck if you have Leo children.

By the way, I missed you yesterday.  We finally got out of this house with the septic troubles and the Connecticut flooding last week.  It was Easter...a weekend to visit family.  A great time to get out of town!  Literally, we left our "stinkin" home and headed to visit family....and stay at a hotel.

It was a rough week for many reasons.  Of course, the septic goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.  I'm needy, can you tell?  It just stinks...for real.  The flooding combined with the septic could have put any family over the edge.  Have no fear, we are used to "mixups" of many varieties. Really, this was a walk through the park.  Biff was home and not out of town.  That might have put me over the edge.  Doing it together always keeps us on our toes...tippy toes in this case....tippy toes with big rubber boots.

We had a bit of an issue. It was a tad unpleasant last week.  More than a tad.  The last week was based on the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie",

the story we read over and over and now read to us on you tube!

You see, we had the septic trouble Monday night. When we found the problem, we had to turn off the water.  No water to be used until the septic people arrive, Tuesday. No water for our showers. We adapt. One shower missed is just an inconvenience.

It was Monday night that we had to skip showers.  The rain began Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning we had no shower since the water was still off. That was inconvenient, but not a big deal. 

Tuesday morning the septic people were coming.  There was an appointment I had to get to. Life.  It would be fine.  All that I needed to do was leave the basement open for the guys.  That's when the flooding was noted.  That's when the boots went on. That's when I walked through about 5" of mook.  That's when I cried as I swished through the rising mook, cried and held my nose. There was no chance I could leave this house, the arc.

Septic guys arrived.  The work was done. The Haz-vak suits arrived to clean up.  Haz-vak guys could not open the door since the water was too deep.  The Haz-vac suits would leave and be back after the rain stopped. Whenever that might be.

That's when the water kept rising....4"...5"......6".....7"..................that's when Biff arrived home....after many updates en route.  That's when he proudly displayed the last sump pump on the Connecticut shoreline.  To "tide" us over until the Haz-vac guys come back. 

Biff starts our first sump pump of our homeowner life.  I may haul furniture..indoor/ outdoor.....paint furniture...indoor/outdoor.....paint the house....clean the our on the landscaping....pushing, rolling and lifting rocks.....much more than some women would even consider.  I had to draw the line at sump pump pride It just would not be. It did nothing for me.  The gag factor was too great!  This was the big league.  This was a Biff job....apology accepted, thankfully.

Tuesday night would have been the night for our showers....UNTIL the waters kept rising.....our oil burner motor burned out in the flooding.  The Has-Vat guys wouldn't be here.....til the shower Wednesday shower Wednesday shower Thursday shower Thursday shower Friday morning....lots of gardening, lots of dirt, lots of rocks and landscape world...with

We were out of the house!  We considered this our date.  We were too exhausted to even go to a movie as a date.  Spring cleaning outdoors was just the thing.  Life. New Life. Easter weekend!

That's when our neighbors drove by.  That's when we discussed the week of rain and more rain and flooding and more flooding.  That's when we spoke of my sump pump hero. That's when I confessed my filth....although they noticed me gardening in my Lilly Pulitzer skirt....covered in dirt.  Oops.  That's when they offered their home for a shower!

AWKWARD. Very. .........................after so many days trying to lay low...with most of MY laundry caught in the flood, I was living in yoga pants!  Charming.  Truly.

Friends had offered their showers.  I kept hanging on to the hope it would all be resolved.  Saturday we would be leaving to see family...we were never so happy to stay in a hotel....just for the shower!  It was Friday. Biff had a few cold showers...he couldn't wear yoga pants to work!

Right then and there I caved....I would be over...for my first shower since the wacky week began. Our neighbor was the pastor of one of our local churches.  Awkward!

I got over it and guess what?  It was their guest was like a spa.  There children are older and have moved out on their own.  Bottles of shampoo, body gels, facial cleansers, bubble bath and 253 other bottles, empty and full towels on the floor....were not on the scene.  I had found heaven....right across the street.

Clean!  I asked if I could shower at their spa every night....quiet....alone....peaceful....ZEN shower.

Saturday we left to see family.  It had been 2 years since I had been back home, to the town where I grew up.  Not since my mom's funeral.  Without going to that world....2 years. IT WAS WONDERFUL! 

The fun and family and hotel with the shower!  We got to the hotel just before midnight. We checked in, went to the room, settled in with a few trips to the bathroom.......and that's when the flooding began!  Fast and furious, the water began overflowing....and wouldn't stop.....we closed the door!  We called the desk!  We moved to a new room and started over.


After church, on Easter Sunday....outside the church...with the family we had seen the night before.....we told our tale!  We all howled with's following us!

Tomorrow the Haz-vac guys arrive!  Who knows what will happen next.  We know if there's somehow. Hopefully, we'll get a shower......before Memorial Day! 

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