Friday, April 2, 2010

i never got to tell you about daisy's birthday!
it was quite a busy day for me and i had lots of e-bay to send off at the post office.
  running around for hours and getting life stuff accomplished was very nice...but, i am a little kooky about birthdays, in general.  i just like to  make a birthday special...and festive...apparently, that's really for me.

and that's how daisy's little outing came to be.  we went to town..daisy and fitzy seemed thrilled to be out for a ride in the car....i imagined it was because of the birthday fun...but friends have gently reminded me that daisy and fitzy just thought they were going to the beach!  well, that's not what their imaginary thought balloons told me!
daisy, on her 8th birthday still is the sweetest, most gentle, intuitive dog in my world!  she loves us all and is here with us through thick and thin.  she's been to montessori, grammar schools, middle school, high school and  she attended fairfield university!  she was THE most popular girl on the quad!  she's well rounded....she has played t-ball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and certainly her best sport of all.....swimming and plain old catch! 
this is fitzy....i'd know that snoot anywhere!  fitzy is a dog with the need to repeatedly remind me that her need for love is great, very, very great!
i think of it as "love in your face!"
and i've decided, if it's love she needs so desperately, it's love she shall have.  she's so sweet and gentle and soft as a's the gentle that's a challenge when there's a crumb in the vicinity...within 3 miles.  this is a dog who has a nose for trouble...or, i should say, barbeques.

i really do love fitz!  she makes me laugh.  she can be needy, i think it's separation anxiety....she lived with 4 kids under 6, in a crate a lot, for almost a year, then she lived with a day care provider who had a billion kids at her home everyday.  i just don't think she ever got enough golden love.  she has her marley moments and we love her anyway!  she needs love she craves.  as i always say, daisy came to the nursing home with me to visit my mom.....she stopped for lots of the elderly people and loved having them pet her and talk to her......fitzgerald, fitzy, so delighted to feel the love, she jumped right up on my was shortly after we arrived back home, that the nursing home gave us a call to let us know that next time, it might be a good idea to leave the dogs home! daisy always came with me to "gramma's house".....fitzy went once and got us kicked out!

we went to town. daisy and fitz waited for me in the car while i carried my e-bay mail like a tacky circus act into the post office...before i could gather up the boxes and envelopes, there was a fan club at the car windows.  they always meet the nicest folks.

as we walked through town, daisy and fitz started a sit in at one of the restaurants....they could smell the garlic.  i humored them but continued on!

of course, fitzy held out the longest.  i told them if they had brought their own charge card, i might have considered it...after all, it was time for birthday fun!
we stopped in the back of the stores and walked near the pond so daisy and fitz could get some water....i think after smelling the garlic, they were thirsty...that's what their thought balloons said.
daisy is not used to having a leash, but she understands...that's the town!
"daised and confused"
as biff likes to call them.  as you can see, daisy is looking towards the ready for a swim!  fitzy, however, is still standing attention toward the aroma!  she reminds me of the dogs in "the lady and the tramp"

the wafting smell has their the dog in the old cartoons...when he got a treat, the cartoon dog was so happy,he floated up in the air!
after some water and some play, we were off for a birthday treat!
they had no idea what i had in mind!
the surprise was the little pet store...with oven baked the bakery for dogs!

they had some water at the little "water bar".....
after slurping up a few gallons, they were sniffing up a storm...and ready for a bite to eat.
fitzy's nose was leading the way!
daisy was checking to see if she had any friends coming along...she's used to rather large gatherings for her birthday.
daisy is ready too!
fitzy makes way for daisy...the lights are on, but nobody's the store, not fitzy!
talking over their favorites...
daisy taking a whifffff of the possibilities...
we thought it would be fun to have a little fun with the birthday photo...right in front of the pet store.
and the sled dogs are off!  fitzy isn't as good on the leash...daisy is very good...but, she's always busy watching fitz!
we stood outside the movie theatre and tried to figure out if there might be a movie appropriate for all of us...there was a cat on line ahead of daisy and fitz.
they seem o.k. letting the kitty go ahead of them...they have excellent manners and do take good care of our cats, jinx and happy.
fitzy looking like she's seen some take-out....daisy being coy...
i think the kitty wanted to borrow some money ....some just have that attitude of entitlement!
if that kitty wants pop corn too, there's no way we're sharing!
just hangin'

does this look like a doggy that will share??
hold the popcorn.
o.k. now that's really something
for the birthday treat!
daisy and fitz had some, a treat, the movies...age appropriate....showing,
"marley and me"
or "cats and dogs"

daisy had a great birthday

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