Friday, April 9, 2010

definitely the legos!
legos in the dumpster put me over the edge....we've had a lot going on lately.  just lots of stuff.  not big stuff. just a slow and steady build up of stuff...not to bore you, but it seems that i have a sense of humor about everything that comes our way.  it's been a lifetime of little stuff and big stuff that seems to do it!  the big stuff isn't always the issue!

the big stuff that comes along throughout life is big...and that's that!  we live our whole life with bursts of big stuff...even big, big stuff and great big stuff!
that's the stuff we're not prepared for...but when it comes, we have to deal with it!  that's when i kick in to high coping gear.  really, i shine sometimes when the going gets really tough.  when the stuff is so big that everything in life stops....just so we can handle the greatness of whatever it is that makes our world stop.

my world seems to do just fine with some of the everyday stuff that might send others over the edge.  we all know the people who have road rage or can't bear to have a rainy day on vacation....some get angry with salespeople or telemarketers or the waitress or the line at the bank or the deliveryman or the postal worker.....or.....anyone who gets in their way on a random day.
not me.  i can deal with the little things.  i can deal with lots of little things. usually, when i come across  someone crabby during the day i try to be nice...maybe they're having  bad day.  maybe they just need one person to be nice to them....most people can use a little kindness during the course of the day.
it seems that the legos made the difference...the legos were my tipping point. "the tipping point", a book by malcolm gladwell
my tipping point was the little red bin of legos in the dumpster as we pulled up the driveway. someone else may have lost it at the first sign of rain, the wet dogs, the bad hair day, a few inches of water in their basement.....not me. 
some may have lost it when the water in the basement rose high enough to warrant tall mud boots.  some might have lost when the new hot water heater was covered with septic and flood waters causing it to
stop working.  not so much a problem until we found that we could no longer have a hot shower.  no problem.  i'm great at lots of little things...lots of them piled up on top of each other...more and more and more and more and then....i reach my tipping point.  mine was the legos!  but you already know that.  you have read more about our septic and flooding than anyone can stand....yet, you're still reading. 

come on already! you must be done! fed up! ka-put! enough! that's that! no more!  nada! zip!  stop with the stories of self pity....stop with the pity party....get over it already! let it go! it's history...enough is enough! 

so why do you read this?  why? i think it's cause you haven't reached your tipping point!

today, i woke up on this rainy day...the kids' last day of school before spring vacation....the house upside down...e-bay biz 
to do...merchandise to dog food, so i adapted and fed the dogs leftover pork chops and noodles and peas....and water.....the dogs adapted! they didn't seem to mind that they didn't get their beneful dog food! 
it was when a friend called to see when we would be leaving to visit them near boston 
this weekend. we talked about the possibilties...going to cape cod
...the cape, one of our favorite places in the world....

going, here going there... that's what did it!  the friend, the welcome, the plans, the fun and then i mention the legos. 

my good friend whined,"no! not the legos....oh i'm so sad!  those legos have always been've all had so much fun with legos. how can you ever replace them?  it's not like you just built them as  kit....they were creations...they were biff, grace and t.j.'s creations. oh, i feel your pain!" .......i held it together.....and then, she said it! that was was my tipping point ....after all that we've been through in the last month or weeks or year or who even cares?  it was the finale'....when my friend kit said these three words, "i could cry!"

i cried.....i cried and cried.....and cried some more....until i couldn't speak...kit was upset too....i had to hang up the phone....i had to cry all by myself. 

we talked later.  we tried to make our plans.  we talked about timing. we talked about the kids and all of their plans...and then, i thought of daisy and fitzy.  how could we leave them?  i wanted to bring them. i realized i had to leave them....and i cried some more.

tears and more tears.  biff is exhausted after an intense week of work, not was good for business...all good stuff.  he was wiped out. lots of stress for us all.

the kids are so happy to go see their friends.  they actually wanted to go to school with their good old friends next week.  what friends they are.  i can't imagine considering going to school on vacation!! now that's a fun filled friendship!  all of the kids were thrilled....until they were denied.  not unless we go through the town and then, they'd have to go "shadow" an "ambassador" appointed by the school! when did all of this red tape happen in life?

 i have reached my tipping point.  last night, grace and t.j. reached theirs....tonight, it was biff!
we have all had to deal with the disappointment of loss...simple loss...we've lost some of our favorite people who we loved greatly...bigger than greatly....we have had many different types of loss...a few years of economic slowdown has kept us close to home for spring break...when we have attempted to plan....but, we have decided to hold back. not big. not a really big deal. really, how ridiculous! we live lives of great abundance. great love. great family. great friendships. who could ask for more?  
yet, last night...the great big spring break box did it!  the coppertone 
did it! great friends with great like cousins and thoughts of fun with friends in the sun....dreams of other great vacations....and *POOF* the tipping point! we all needed to have that moment! and now, we're back!

as my t-shirt says, "life is good" 

love these mother's day "life is good" t-shirts!

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