Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Pay It Forward" sounds good to me.  Not doing good deeds and passing it on....paying it forward.....like the movie.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwHcS-XoYbc  Getting all caught up and head of myself....then giving up....just for a day!  That would allow one day to take a moment...the next day, i wouldn't have to fall behind and catch up!

Did anyone understand that?  Patti, a friend since college, had an expression, "I'm so far behind, I think I'm first!" It's a great line for me because I'm so visual.
When Patti was studying for finals and writing a paper, we found her tucked away in her room, behind closed doors....very quiet.  When we entered the sanctuary, where usually we found magazines and Mary Tyler Moore on T.V....
.....we found Patti....ever diligent....working at her desk that was usually strewn with monogrammed sweaters co-mingled with fair isle sweaters and Irish cables!

We, her loving and loyal friends, burst out laughing!  Bent over and howling like hyenas, we distracted her from her work and she seemed preoccupied while holding her.......crayon! A crayon!  Not our Patti?
What on earth could that have to do with her intense psychology paper?  That's when we realized that our frenzied friend had been writing her giant loopy letters on construction paper with crayons.  Crayons and construction paper?  Patti was no Education major.  Patti was no art major.  We were puzzled....

That's when she told us to look up above.  Not to heaven but to the wall above her desk!  We all stood in a row.  We were still recovering from seeing her so involved in her own world.....we looked up and saw...she certainly was motivated!

Her note to self, "You jerk! Get working!".....and that's about where I am this week.  It was one week ago Monday night that our septic issue began....one week ago today that our septic combined with flooding became our problem....in our basement.
Unpleasant as it has been, I'm still grateful.  At worst, it's been unpleasant...very unpleasant....maybe inconvenient...a bit.

Lots of work for all of us.  Lots of disruption. Lots of loss.  Lots of stress. No hot water. No showers unless we enjoyed the generous offer by our neighbors.
That's that.  I'd love to quit.  I can't.  I live here.  Our house is upside down.  Our lives are upside down.  The clean up crew had us on the calendar for Monday.....not!  Then, today....not!  Tomorrow, we expect them to arrive for real.  They have delivered a dumpster....that's a start!  Now we are the proud, but temporary caretakers of 2 dumpsters!

A dumpster in the driveway is the greatest and most coveted addition to any driveway.  Some may be  awestruck by a new B.M.W., a great vintage car or  fine sports car, but here in our Connecticut world, it's the great American dumpster. "A chicken in the pot and a car in every garage"

Winston Churchill once said, "Never, never, never give up!"
I guess.

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