Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smell.  Different than the septic that I've been writing about.......it's and amazing thing...these noses we wear!  The sense of smell is one of the greatest triggers of  memory.  Don't worry...I'm not going THERE!

Last night, a text arrived in my "in box" on my cell phone. It read,"So random, but I was doing laundry and when I took out my sheets/towels out of the dryer the smell reminded me of when you lived in Massachusetts. Weird, right?" Wow!  That was 10-14 years ago...she was just a little girl visiting us.  It's the little things. We never know what we give to someone!

One of the things that is indescribable....how can we know what memories we're "giving"??  Sometimes, with our children, I feel that's all we can give them.  All of these days and months and years....in a minute, they're just a memory!  We can only hope we're "giving" special memories.  Sweet memories.

Moments.  That's what we get!  It is the moments that count. Everyday, I try to make my best....my day and how I handle my day affects all of us.  Some days are more reactive than I'd like. Some days, I have to demand more of others in our home than I'd like.  Some days are Kodak moments! Some days are less than lovely.  All I can do is be accountable for my own behavior.....and give the best that I have to give.  That's that.  Some days are better than others.  Gratefully, Biff and I are pretty steady.....in our style.  Pretty steady in our day....ups, downs and in betweens....we do our best to keep even keel....

That's just one of those things.  It happens.  Every once in awhile....it's so real.  Out of the blue. *Poof*...we're in another time and space. Instant memory!

Text from the same niece while she was in college,"Christopher Morley Sky". At Christopher Morley Park, ice skating at the end of the season, I would always point out the colors in the sky....that came to be known by biff, Claire and I as the "Christopher Morley Sky."

I received the text on a Sunday night...on the way home from the grocery store.  I read the text and looked up at the sky.It was breathtaking!  Claire, in college at the time, was sitting at her desk studying.....she looked up and that's the memory. It's the little things.  It always is.

One of the most special moments I had with Grace recently.....
I was cleaning Grace and T.J's birthday one afternoon and as I scrubbed and scoured, I thought of my mom's pretty bathrooms.  No matter where she lived, no matter the size or shape of the bathroom, my mom had little pretty soaps, matching hand towels, hand creams and glamorous body powders.  She enjoyed the lovely bits of life.  A fluffy soft towel.  A beautiful bath mat. A voluptuous and soft bathroom rug. A mirror, Clinique make up, Revlon lipstick called, "Love That Pink", Noxema, Jergens Lotion, Chloe' body Powder, Chanel No. 5, little leather case filled with nail scissors and nail file, a Kleenex box that coordinated nicely.....and a plant or two.  The little things!  Tucked away or on display. The little things.

I called out while I scrubbed, "Grace....remember Gramma's pretty bathrooms??" with a sweet question mark in my voice?  While I had been cleaning, remembering the pleasure she took in the little things....and Grace called back, "YES! I LOVED GRAMMA"S TOILET PAPER!"  I laughed until I cried...those sweet tears while remembering my mom.

I laughed and called to Grace, "Gramma would be so happy to know that you loved her toilet paper!"  It was true. Pleasure in the little things.  My mom listened to her dad.  Always the best. Life had it's ups and downs, but  Gramma always had the nicest toilet paper!  It's the little things!

We never know the memories we're making.  It's the little things!  Even though our kids are young teens now, I still buy bubbles and chalk in the spring time.   After picking the kids up with a friend the other day, Grace and her friend opened the jar of bubbles and began blowing through the bubble wand."You always have the fun toys and stuff!"...and the bubbles blew out the car window as we drove home.  It's the little things.  It's all  memory.

The little things.The moments.That's what I remember.

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