Friday, April 2, 2010

When T.J. got home from school today, he looked up the hill and noticed me standing at the front door to welcome him home from school.  It's not often that I get away with that!  It seems that he was not in the least bit embarrassed to have me waiting there, although he did have something to say about me standing at the door.  He quipped, "Mom, I'm not embarrassed by you.  This time, I'm embarrassed FOR you!"  I actually think he was relieved to know that I hadn't been out in the real world all day.
No matter how cool we think we are, our teens just can't seem to recognize it!!  It's hysterical to me, not to them.
Do I really look like I'm concerned that my kids don't know I'm cool?  A legend in my own mind....ssshhhhhhhhhh.

Oh my, it was my pebbles pony tail i had forgotten to take out.  Funny how that happens when you don't get a shower for quite some time!  Oh yeah, I'm looking HOT today!  Not only am I thankful that I don't have to wear pantyhose everyday to work, since my only position is volunteer stuff, mom stuff, Me stuff and E-bay stuff.  Who could be happier than me not having to worry at a time like this?

Oh sure, we have wonderful friends who have welcomed us into their showers!  Don't take that the wrong way!  I just figured we'd have it figured out by now.  Looks like the health department may escort me to a shower if only to get the pebbles ponytail ripped out of my head.

 T.J. settled in after school, I got a text message from Grace to let me know it was time to pick her up after her lacrosse practice.  How Pavlovian of me!  The bell rings and i salivate.  Not always.  It depends on the tone of the text.  For awhile there, Grace had some demanding tones in her texts that were beginning to feel like ransom notes. That changed after I texted back and forth with her 4 and 5 times suggesting that she say please.....and thank you ......and would you? could you?, not just get me!  It took awhile but she got the "message".

As it turns out, Grace had plans to go see a movie with her good friend, Kailee. They both loved The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks and it has just been released.                      
Sometimes, 15 year olds love a real tearjerker. Kailee and Grace love the very scary movies and the tearjerkers.  It's fun to have a friend who shares that combo! We went to buy the tickets yesterday so there would be no room for error.  That's my first child, getting things done right!

After so much rain, today was Grace's first practice of the year.  All of the others had been rained out. Before leaving the house, the Pebbles pony tail was whipped into a sort of bun head.  Just the look I've been looking for!  I picked Grace up with 2 friends on the team and we went to get some refreshments in town. Fun for all of us!  Except one catch....I realized it might be best if I stayed in the car. At 15, they may have been relieved.

Clothing was a bit scarce considering that most of my laundry had been in the basement, sorted, in baskets on the floor, when the tides came in.  Our family is not lacking in the clothing department.  Of all of my Becky Home Ecky issues, laundry is usually not my problem.  That routine is very well orchestrated in this house. Biff and I have this down.
Although  I do my best to keep it all moving through the cycle well, Biff is tuned in and will move like wildfire when he hears a beep on his Timex Ironman watch!
Talk about Pavlovian.

So, here I am Thursday night, wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt and a fleece....very similar to my ensemble yesterday.  It's not that I hope to be the belle of the ball, but my take on relaxed fridays seems to be all week long this week.  It's all o.k.  Breathe.....breathe....breathe.  could I join some sort of crunchy cult to help me get through this? Maybe a 12 step hygiene group?  Speaking from first hand experience, it's not likely since no one would rent a hall out for the group to hold meetings.

Are you as tired of this as I am?  Sorry to bore you with the details.  It's just like how ya need to share the whole dentist appointment with someone....why is that?  People love to share the freak details of their life?

My mom used to go into great detail about certain things....the dentist, the phone call to the phone company waiting on hold and being transferred to 4 people for a 37 cent credit and my favorite.....the line at the bank.  She even knew that it made me crazy but she couldn't contain herself, she knew that she would find relief even if it was a risk......usually she plowed through the story in excruciating detail even though my eyes rolled, my head nodded and my whole body sighed a full body sigh!  It was worth it to her no matter what response she got!  Same here.  Eyes rolling, heads nodding and full body sighs don't seem to affect me on my blog....I just keep going on and on and on and on and on.  By the way, my mom knew these stories tortured me but she also knew i would grin and bare kids have not learned the subtle version of grinning and baring!   YET.
this is not our house with this river crashing over the little waterfall but that's how i felt just thinking about our basement this week!

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