Friday, June 11, 2010

ode to kit

kit has made her trip cross country to her new home.  after months of contemplation and thoughtful discussion, grace decided she was ready to sell her american girl  dolls in my e-bay store.

we had many conversations whether to hold on tight to kit and bitty baby or to send them off to another loving little home.  after much consideration, grace realized she was ready to let go.....she felt that the memories of her american girl dolls would be just as sweet.  she realized that the dolls would make someone else happy.  

kit went to a very loving home in washington state.  the grandma who chose kit bought the doll for design clothing of the era.  Kathy just received kit early this week.  kit has made it to her new home and has received a warm welcome with perks.

you see, kathy and i had much communication throughout the e-bay process.  like in life, the e-bay world  is a small friendly place, once we get to "know" it.  through our e-bay e-mails(say that 3X fast!), we found little snippets of our lives and similar interests (kit and e-bay learning curve) that helped us connect...if only for a short time.  It made our transaction an interaction that was quite friendly and respectful.

now that kit is in her new home with a new name, shirley ann.  she has a new life as a farm girl living on  "The Homestead."  her new life will be filled with the real farm adventures that kathy knows well  life on the farm.

who would have thought that kit would move on to such an adventure  and be welcomed so easily. who knew what an easy adjustment she would have. she was living the happy life of a connecticut girl.  she had everything she wanted.  she was in a beautiful shoreline town.  she had quality education with great schools,a loving family, a warm bed , beautiful beaches for sailing, swimming,  kayaking and sunning, long time friends, nice neighbors, summers on the cape, snowy winters  for skiing, trips to boston and new york, broadway shows, relatives within hours.  what's not to love?

kit enjoyed it all.  she knew the love of family.  she knew the joy of special friendships.  she had great life experiences.  she had learned it all....from grace and all of the others who influenced her life.  

this new adventure was for kit and about kit.  grace knew it was time to let kit go.  it was bittersweet.  she loved kit.  with the all of the possibilities and choices, kit found a  great place and people who will care for her and look out for her like their own.

like so many friends who have had their own children graduate this month, it's time to let go.  after giving them everything they had to give, spiritually, emotionally and physically....even materially.  it's time.  

some parents are better at it than others.  the letting go.  no parent has it all figured nice as that would be.  we all have to learn as we go. as long as we keep doing the next best long as it's in the best interest of our giving them everything we've had to teaching, loving, listening, talking, loving, experience, loving, independence, loving,  allowing mistakes, caring and  loving. some more, they are ready to go on their own.  our hearts and homes are always here....for them...for a soft place to fall or jump or be.....they will be welcome forever.

we have to let go.  holding on to tight will make them squished and smothered.  they will tug and wrangle to get away.  we will let them slowly go...a little bit at a time.

they will go if we have given them the gift to know it's safe and they can do it.  we're afraid too.  we have to believe in them.  they deserve that. they will be stronger for it. they will have more confidence.

we will learn as we go...just as we did throughout the journey...just when we think we have it figured out....we will have more lessons to learn.

you can follow kit in her new home and see the great life and Homestead Homestead Happenings.  i can't wait to check in and see her adventures.  just like all of the graduates, we are blessed to have the connection of cyberspace, cell phones,facebook photos and more!

may all of us who must let go and move on and carry on and continue learning, do our best and do it with love.

e-bay has made us aware of our great abundance! i have always been aware of the letting go process.  some things tug more at my heartstrings than others.  over the years, we have been blessed with friends who have passed on their adorable boy and girl clothes.  thankfully, our friends have very nice taste!  thankfully, our friends share the love of shopping for their kids clothing!  we have benefited greatly!  a greater  learning experience for us all.  it has made the whole family stop.  stop to see how much we have.  too much.  like most americans today.  it's our culture.

i think there was something mentioned about hunting, gathering and hoarding as the pilgrims stepped off the mayflower!  in the declaration of independence!  american's like stuff. more stuff is even better. 

delighted to hear from kathy, our  e-bay customer.  we made sure that kit was cleaned up and her strings were tightened so she could "pull herself together." she needed to clean up her act.  she was still as sweet as could be
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Kathy said...

A thought-provoking post, Liz. My husband and I were both raised by parents who came through hard times when goods were scarce even if they could afford them. We were not encouraged to part with stuff. If you had something, you treasured it or you saved it for re-use. Eventually things will hold you back, though, because "you can't take it with you," as the saying goes. Even as I write this, I'm trying to figure how I can preserve my mother's embroidery work by making a nightgown for Kit / Shirley Ann from an old pillowcase.