Wednesday, June 23, 2010

smi1e!  when was the 1ast time that you remember smi1ing...just because! it's not that we don't's that we forget that we can smi1e...a11 of the time.  not the fake smi1e we know how to manage, the rea1 smi1e that we share with the wor1d when we have good news, we know a wonderfu1 secret, we have  surprise we can't wait to te11, we are in 1ove. it is said that smi1ing makes us happier.  imagine that!  just the act of smi1ing makes us seems to be the way to trick ourse1ves into it. "fake it ti1 we make it!"

it's something we a11 see in our chi1dren everyday...hopefu11y we are exposed to chi1dren often.  chi1dren teach us our 1essons.  chi1dren teach us to stay in the moment.  chi1dren 1ive in awe of the 1itt1e things.  an ant can amaze a chi1d....again and again!

when was the 1ast time you spent time with a 1itt1e kid? 

they are precious to us a11. 1ife gets busy.  we get invo1ved in our own issues and concerns.  ants to grown ups mean war...if they're in our kitchen!  

chi1dren are a reminder of our own spirit!  we a11 sti11 have the wonder and just takes a 1itt1e more work.  crazy isn't it.  we have to work at our wonder! i wonder why?

maybe we just have stuff.  the o1der we get, the more stuff we have to be concerned about.  we have rea1 1ife concerns about fami1y, hea1th of 1oved ones, kids and safety, bi11s, work...b1ah, b1ah, b1ah!

when we spend time with a chi1d...our moments become simp1e!  to the chi1d that time is awesome...and you are one more person to add to the texture of their 1itt1e 1ives!


i'm gratefu1 to so many 1oving peop1e in our kids' 1ives who made them fee1 specia1...just by taking the time to know them, 1isten to them, ta1k to them and spend time with them...on their terms.  some adu1ts expect chi1dren to step up and have them perform to adu1t standards. that's great...for the adu1t.  that's good for the kids too...but i think sometimes adu1ts need to just 1et it go... enter the kids' wor1d....instead of continuing to teach and show and have an agenda!  stop and 1earn from the kids!

i'm gratefu1 for the peop1e in my 1ife who took time.....with me...and entered my wor1d!  they abso1ute1y made a difference!

just something to think's summer...time to 1ighten up!  1ots of peop1e are out and's a great time to make a difference. 

at church, in your grocery store, on your street, in your fami1y, in your town...there are p1enty of kids who are happy to have someone take an interest...or just smi1e at them.  there are moms who are exhausted having their kids at home...being their on1y entertainment!  their are moms who need encouragement!

i tru1y be1ieve if the o1d and young and in between took more moments to 1earn about each other....and their 1ives...our communities and our 1ives cou1d be happier!

grace and i were just ta1king about how great it's been to have so many fo1ks of a11 ages in our 1ives....our kids grew up with so many "friends" of every age...their 1ives were more enriched.  we 1aughed when we remembered their p1ay at my mom' her the vi11age where i grew up.  there were peop1e of a11 ages...some young adu1ts starting on their own, some young fami1ies and a11 ages of retired fo1ks who downsized and wanted to remain in the town where they brought up their fami1ies.  

mrs. ferry 1ived next door to my mom.  she 1oved when we came to visit....she shared the joy with my mom!  mrs. ferry p1ayed hide and seek with grace and t.j.  there were no age boundaries.

we went through the names of our o1der neighbors from our 1ives in boston....erin,1oretta, mr and mrs. su11ivan, sandra and wayne, other grandparents who 1ived nearby.....they were a gift to us a11!!!  and amazing1y.....sti11 remembered fond1y!

"wow!" is what our priest started a sermon with....just "wow!"  he to1d the story of  one of his nieces waking up one morning....he cou1d here her down the ha11.  her sweet voice woke him ear1y one summer morning.  "wow!" she exc1aimed.  his who1e sermon was about the awe and wonder a chi1d has...if we cou1d a11 wake up that way...."wow!"....just to be a1ive!  

that sermon was 18 years ago.  "wow!"....we sti11 remember it.  "wow!"

that adorab1e 6 year o1d smi1e....that's our nephew!  so proud!  missing teeth!  new teeth!  no inhibitions. proud to share his smi1e!  maybe we shou1d a11 try that....and see if we have a better day because of it!  or maybe we brighten someone e1ses day by smi1ing with no awkward moments...just 1ike a kid! smi1e!


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