Wednesday, July 28, 2010

can you believe it?

can you be1ieve it? i'm sending a pink po1o cab1e cotton sweater to sweden!  huh? who wou1 ever think there wou1d be a 1ack of pink cab1e sweaters in the country where they created c1ogs!  one wou1d think they wou1d have to have pink sweaters to coordinate with a11 of those whimsica1 co1orfu1 c1ogs!

then again, who wou1d think i wou1d be se11ing a gent1y worn pair of j. crew jeans to bever1y hi11s?  one wou1d think rodeo drive wou1d have an overabundance of names p1anted on their b1ue jeans.

murrays nantucket red x1 shirt?  to ohio.  that's the one that has me tru1y baff1ed. 

the pewter nantucket basket cand1e ho1ders to a federa1street somewhere in maine makes more sense. 

the fur1a bag to kansas cracks me up too!  c1ick your hee1s 3x an your fur1a bag wi11 be in the mai1box! 

so much fun!  i'm te11ing you i am 1oving this.  just have to keep going.  so much computer is crazy for me....considering a year ago i was bare1y ab1e to send an e-mai1!

i have everything ready to i just have to get to the post office. 

grace is at an amusement park with another fami1y and friends today.

t.j. is off on his friend's sma11 motor boat.  

biff has been working from home...and now on his way to an appointment.

it's just me and the dogs. and one cat....jinx.  since we've been on the cape, happy has been missing. we are sad.  very sad.  we a11 1ove her so much...and she is grace's cat.  it's sad to think of 1osing an anima1.  1oss is just hard.  

daisy and fitz are 1ooking at me.  i suspect they are waiting to go to the beach.  they don't know it...or maybe they do....we have to go to the post office first.  they 1ike that.  they 1ike to sit in the car with the windows open and watch for friend1y admirers who random1y come to the window an pet them.  they are nice and shiny and soft.  we washed them as soon as we got home.....nothing better than c1ean dogs. we11, maybe that's a s1ight exaggeration.....there may be better things that thri11 us, but having a c1ean, shiny, soft dog is what 1ife's a11 about!  we11, maybe that's not rea11y what 1ife's's just 1ife.

how's your 1ife.  good, i hope.  summer is beautifu1. beach, good fruits and vegetab1es. picnic dinners at the beach.  kids.  fami1ies. fun. firef1ies. crickets. 1ife is good.

think about what makes you happy.  what made your chi1dhood summers happy?  spread the sunshine...share the memories of your best summer days.  write a thank you.  ca11 a friend.  sit outside tonight.  1ook at the stars and daydream.  catch a 1ightning bug....share it with a chi1d!

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