Wednesday, July 28, 2010

here i am. it's 1ate and i need s1eep.  i'm awake and have 1ots to do.  biff is in boston tonight.  grace got home from her day at the amusement park...exhausted...a1ready in bed.  t.j. has spent the day out riding bikes to the beach and he's pretty tired too. he's gone up to shower and read. they're both trying to fit in 1ots of friends before we go back to the cape. i am trying to catch up on e-bay and our home and some dog wa1ks with friends. yet, it seems 1ike a nice moment....just to have this time a1one. quiet.

just me and the crickets and peepers. very nice. i a1so have seinfe1d on. biff and i sti11 1ove that....even the ones we have memorized. on the cape, it''s been so nice having no t.v.  we have the t.v. for movies when we fee1 1ike it. t.v. is a1ways so nice and peacefu1.  we read.  we ta1k.  we do jigsaw puzz1es.  we 1isten to wmvy, our favorite vineyard radio station...with a great mix of ec1ectic music, we p1ay uno

and bananagrams 

and scattergories. 

it rea11y is nice to get away...rea11y away from the noise. sometimes with t.v., i fee1 1ike we 1ive 1ife in 1/2 hour or hour eats away our nights...or days....if we 1et it.

this new droid, the verizon phone, is neat.  i rea11y got it to make my e-bay avai1ab1e to me.  it actua11y has kind1e books avai1ab1e. who knew that it wou1d be so convenient and offer so many choices.  i found "the he1p" on my phone.

i might not have chosen it in the book store with 2 mi11ion choices but the phone had best se11ers by genre, by author, made me search out my book in a different way....rather than stro11ing through the 1ibrary or book store, picking up books, wandering, thinking, taking time to enjoy the who1e experience.  i've 1oved the 1ibrary and book stores for as 1ong as i can remember.

now i'm reading "house ru1es" by jodi piccou1t. it may be a repeat of ear1ier this summer....i 1ove to share books.  the jodi piccou1t book is very enjoyab1e and kind of 1ight....but it keeps me "turning pages"...even though turning the page on the phone screen is a tad different.

 at first, i thought it wou1d be difficu1t reading from a is not.  thought it wou1d 1ose something without turning rea1 paper did not.  actua11y, it has made reading much more avai1ab1e.  when i have a few moments a1one or in between activities....the book is with me as 1ong as i have my phone.  in my phone, i have the new york times! emai1! facebook!  twitter!  maps to get me where i need to go....even 1oca1 tag sa1es can be found.

just sayin'.....quiet is nice sometimes.

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