Saturday, July 3, 2010

i hope to keep the 1itt1e b1og thing giong...and sharing some 1ittie vacation moments of 1ife on the go and on the s1ow!  peace.  1ots of peace to a11 and share some fun with someone you bare1y know....or someone you 1ove but forget to share the 1ove!!  get out your crayo1as and get the p1ain white paper out on your kitchen tab1e and see where it takes you!  we've come fu11 circ1e....we've got art up on our fridge again! we have some of the greatest ta1ks whi1e we dood1e....and it extends the dinner hour.

so as i write, i'm the 1ast to pack...1ots to go...we got the boat up from the beach and it's ready to ro11...or some puppy 1overs to be here with our furry fami1y!  and don't 1ook at my eyebrows!

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