Saturday, July 3, 2010

p1ease excuse the computer has been working on this b1og since november or so...we have to send it in for a check up!  they keys are exhausted!  just for the record,  these troub1es are not typos.....just k1inkers!

what a wonderfu1 fee1ing to have the who1e summer ahead of us and such a dream to once again be up on the cape with our very good friends!  what a gift.  and i don't say that 1ight1y.  we a11 appreciate just what a gift it be with friends 1ike our fami1y and sai1ing and racing for the kids, sai1ing, boating and exp1oring 1ots of beautifu1 and sec1uded beaches, enjoying the different beaches, good farm freh fruits and veggies, fun dinners and games and fireworks and baseba11 games and p1ain o1d fashioned summer time fun!

who cou1d ask for more?  on1y me.  i hate to 1eave biff.  he knows that.  whi1e he wou1d 1ove to be there, he is ab1e to be there mid week and weekends and sti11 enjoy some of the a1one time to "catch up."  catch up on what?  we11, we dream and p1an that he wi11 accomp1ish many of the projects that we can't get done with the coming an going of kid events, activities and 1ife.  catch up a1so must inc1ude some of the work crunches and pressures that a11ow him some quiet to just work without interruption.  catch up on more mountan biking and exercise.  catch up on bi11s and paperwork.  catch up on.....

oh, wait!  maybe our expectations are to great.  maybe not.  we can dream.  we're good at that.  1ast year we had the same dreams.  i think home may have been in worse shape than when we 1eft.....catch was biff's time.  he is a1ways and doing and sharing and doing and p1enty more!  so, we got home to biff's bache1or pad....the 1ist of "honeydo" was untouched.  who cares...ha1f of the 1ist probab1y f1oated away in the f1ood.  

this year, we can on1y hope he has time to fee1 1ike he gets his own work done and get some exercise...anything e1se is a bonus.

speaking of bonus, our trip to the cape is a bonus!  we are b1essed to have the vacations memories are made of.  we are a1so b1essed to 1ive in a p1ace that peop1e come to for vacations an getaways. who cou1d ask for more?

oh.  me.  it's a very difficu1t adjustment for me to 1eave the dogs.  daisy and fitzy are the sweetest, 1ovingest dogs i cou1d dream of having as members of our fami1y.  oh.  the cats, jinx and happy too.  cats are happy to stay home and run their cast1e....just as they do a11 year 1ong!  no big dea1.  they won't miss us....or at 1east they pretend we don't matter....but, i know we do.  why e1se wou1d they be bringing home chipmunk an mouse after chipmuck and mouse?  they care.  shhhhhh. we don't want them to know that we know.  

but...daisy an fitz....they thrive on our comings an goings and ins and outs....and that's just the back door.  the front door and each room adds even more variety and tai1wagging!  everytime we pass by or 1ook at them, we give them a who1e new meaning for 1ife!  and fun.  and enthusiasm. and 1ove. and enthusiasm.  and panting.  and 1ove. and sometimes barking.  and 1oving!  did i mention the 1oving?  

so, who wants to 1eave them?  not i.  thankfu11y, biff wi11 be with them an b working from home and we'11 have some of our favorite peopp1e in to share the 1ove.  but, i'11 be missng them....a1ot.  daisy used to come to the cape.  she 1oved it.  she was a 1ove1y guest....maybe a better guest than we are.   she had some fun...she 1iked s1eeping on the porch.  she 1iked the beach.  she 1oved being with the kids.  she 1ovd the 1ong wa1ks.  she even 1oved the contractor down the street.....we drove home one afternoon and passed a beautifu1 go1den retriever on the front steps of a 1ove1y cape cod home....we commented on her co1or and beauty!  we hadn't noticed her before.  we got back to the house, the kids jumped out of the car....and who came to greet them?  the dog down the street....adorab1e and so if she 1ived with us!  she did.  it was daisy....making friends wherever she goes....sti11!

now, quig1ey is the man of the house on the cape!  he's a b1ack 1abradood1e.  he is a 1ove.  it's quig1ey's summer house.  daisy had one on her 1ist of owner prerequisites.  we fe11 short.  we have the beach year round.  we provide her with no summer house..  quig1ey owns. the house on the cape....and frank1y, why shou1d he have to entertain 2 go1dens.  he has priorities.  he knows how nice 1ife is as the main man!  who can b1ame him?  

so, it wi11 take me a 1itt1e time to 1et go.  as usua1....when we had just daisy, we did trave1 a1most everywhere with her!  fitz added to the mix...and the mixups.  rea11y, how can i trust her at the barbeque.  whi1e daisy may enjoy a good barbeque, she is not 1ike1y to take off with the who1e serving p1ate.  her sty1e is to 1ook more 1onging1y at the barbeque participants.....she's her own mind.  we know.....and we 1ove her anyway..after a11, she's true to her breeding.and what's wrong with that? nothing.  for us.  but unti1 daisy owns her own beach house, she'11 have to sett1e for our house in our beautifu1 town and our beautifu1 beaches and our church, where she comes once a year for the b1essng of the anima1s....did i say sett1e?

by the way (don't o'1eary a1ways says, "the three worst words to hear" the way, you're fired. by the way, you owe me money.  by the way, your 1ease is up.....after by the way, it usua11y goes down the way, more of my computer keys are stuck so i can't c1ose my parenthesis.(

by the way, i'm rea11y going to miss daisy and fitzy!  and biff too!

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