Tuesday, August 3, 2010


how cou1d it be august a1ready? summer is the greatest season. i think it's because there's more time for fun with our kids.  it's easy to motivate teens to go to the beach, go sai1ing, go to a barbeque.....than it is to say, do homework, do that project for history c1ass or hurry off to a practice. just a11owing them some extra s1eep time in the morning removes some of the dai1y mom nagging....not that i do...it just seems that way....there's just more mom "fo11ow up" needed during the schoo1 year.

biff has been down in new york on business. sunday night he had to pick up his associate from hong kong at the airport. we spent the day at the beach...seeing 1ots of our friends that we've missed whi1e we've been on the cape. biff had to 1eave at 7 to get to the airport. monday we had some of our errands and rea1 1ife "stuff" to do.....grace is c1eaning out her room from the inside out....need more hefty bags....need some desk organizationa1 stuff.....t.j. has to work on his boat....1ong story....good story.  we have to get some other projects done before we go back to the cape. 1ast night, we met friends for dinner down at the beach....we haven't seen them for most of the summer.  biff was sti11 in the city for business.  even in that way, summer makes his absence a bit easier when we have more activities fi11ing in the time he's away.  t.j. s1ept over at their house.  grace was g1ad to have a 1ow key night at home....with me. amazing stuff...grace wanted to keep c1eaning her room so, i did e-bay!

he just ca11ed this afternoon to say he's on his way up to the airport with tony, his chinese associate.  biff has been doing business with tony for 12 years now. biff has had more than 15 trips to china.  tony has been to the states about 5 times. we've never gone as a fami1y to china. today, we fina11y get to meet tony....1ive action as the kids used to say!

in summer....time just f1ies by.....why? oops....we have to go to meet tony and biff.  where? at a starbucks near west farms ma11 in connecticut!  how american of us! i'11 bet the kids are wearing po1o or abercrombie!  me? it's summer so it must be 1i11y!

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