Monday, August 30, 2010

beach night before school tomorrow.....

A lovely night after some back to school organizing at home.
Grace spent lots of time reviewing her clothing options for the first day while T.J., the freshman to be took some time trying to list the books he read over the summer.
I had my own errands to run for e-bay and back to school preparations. No matter how calm the atmosphere, there always seems to be an underlying angst in the air....not a bad angst...just high energy with an edge.

It's no matter how much we enjoy school, it's that feeling of a new start, change of routine and work after a more than relaxing summer.

I'd love to post a photo of this quiet ending to our wonderful summer. It's peaceful with only scattered groups of people here for Monday night barbeques and a few sailors and swimmers. T.J. has home off in the distance on the sail boat. He had an old friend with him today. They both had a summer's worth of catching up to do...and much to discuss about the upcoming school year. Upcoming was an understatement. By the time they got stuck out on the sound with no wind, towed back to shore by the the boat taken care of, grabbed a bite to eat at the snack was time to get back home and into the shower! The school bus would be outside in less than less than 12 hours! Grace and Biff made it down just in time to help with the boat and have some last minute fun and wrap up what was left of a beautiful day.

That all sounds too perfect...doesn't it? That was the good stuff because I 'm just to tired to mention some of the drama throughout the day!!! Everything's better at the beach! Let me live in the dream!


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