Monday, August 30, 2010


Moments....sweet memories of these beautiful children going off to school. 2 are in high school? How could this be? It seems like just yesterday we were walking them to Montessori in the jog stroller....I walked home crying after dropping them off. I cried. I worried how they would do it without they would enjoy it....would it be warm and nurturing?

Biff and I watched them get on the bus together...Grace in second grade...T.J. new to the bus in first grade. We've seen all of these transitions ...some they make together...looking out for each other. Some they handle on their own. They are good kids. They are sweet kids with kind and compassionate hearts.They make friends easily. They have good heads on their shoulders. They know they have to.make good choices to do well as they maneuver these new challenges...I pray they will. I trust them. I love them more than I ever could have known....all of my years deeming of being a mom...I had no idea how intense this love would be. I want what's best for them..
They'll have to figure some of that out on their own...individually ...with the knowledge, example and smarts of their own...and make their own's the only way. I want to save them from that pain and any setbacks...but they must experience some in order to grow and become more experienced....all with their own mistakes,successes and failures ....just like I did....I hope that they'll feel safer knowing they have a soft place to fall..because Biff and I will always be here for them.


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