Saturday, August 28, 2010

Facebook to Blog to E-bay store.....and now I've learned a new dimension of the cyberworld.  I've heard about's something that I've heard and seen apps for....podcasts.  Go figure.  StarTrek was not my world.  The ugly stretch suits and ears turned me off.  Actually, there little starship gave me a little claustrophobia.  There computer board seemed so dull.  The show had so little color. I could go on and on. It was surreal.

Now I'm living it. Facebook, Blogs, E-bay store.....podcasts? I thought the word cubical a.k.a "cube" was forward.  That was like The Jetsons.  

While waiting for  T.J. at his friend's house , I chatted with his mom.  She has a Podcast!  I was thrilled and "WOW!" was the only word that came to me.  I said, " I have a blog but a podcast....that's cool!"  "What's a podcast?"  "Where does one find a podcast?"  "Why do you have a podcast"  "What do you put on your podcast?"

Katie told me that she writes and illustrates childrens' books!  My dream!  I was thrilled to know someone who was successful at my dream....a dream that I that overwhelmed me.....she really did it....many times!  I wanted to know more....but there was no time.  Places to go...people to see....specifically, Jackson Brown!

Before I drove off, she explained how to get to her podcast.....she encouraged me....she explained....she instructed.....whatever.....all I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher......."Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah....."  I came home.   I asked Grace for help. She only knew about i-tunes.  I remembered....bit by bit it came to me....i-tunes....podcasts....Brain Burps by Katie Davis.  Children's books.  Adorable.  Fun illustrations.

More to learn!  Crazy.  

E-bay.  Today.  One Ralph Lauren Handbag.  One pair of Banana Republic Nantucket Red pants.  One shirt.  One A.T.T. Push Button Phone.  One April Cornell Handbag.  Random!   Wacky!  SOLD!  More to list.  More to do.  

Life comes first.  Family.  Mowing the lawn!  Laundry.  Find those vacuum bags that no one in the universe seems to carry.  Grace's new backpack for school.....called 6 stores within a thirty mile radius. Maybe eight stores.  Online doesn't count...that would be two of us searching at different google hits.

A school backpack is a big commitment.  The right one makes all of the difference.  Like a husband.  Like a wife. You don't want to just grab any backpack....or any husband. If you find yourself with the wrong one, it could be one thing after another.  Little glitches along the path of life.  It could be uncomfortable...the backpack....or the wrong husband.  It could feel too tight or not enough space.....the back pack or the husband.  It has to fit just right.  It has to be comfortable.  It has to be flexible. It has to be unique.  It has to have aor different days. It has to have endurance to get through the tough times....the backpack and the husband.  It has to have room to has to grow with needs to be needs to have lots of pockets to deal with different aspects of your life.....most of all, everything should feel right.  It's just something you know....No one can find it for you....Others may have an idea of what you like....the backpack and the husband.....when you know, you know.....just like everyone says.  Grace just knew. She has a good head on her shoulders and she wants the right backpack on her back.  She had lots of choices. She knew the right backpack to that would fit just right.  I hope she's learned that from my example....for the backpack and someday.....a long time from now.....the husband.

After checking out many possibilities.....she just knew the right one.  She would not settle for any old backpack.  She's a girl who knows what she wants! I called the store to make sure it was wild goose chase for Grace.  I made sure they would hold it for Grace to pick up.  She just knew it was right.  She found just the right one.  She took her dad to pick it up at the store today.  He approved.  He knows what's good for his daughter.

By the way, T.J. found just the right backpack....perfect for him.  He knew.  Just like that!  He and I were out for some T.J. back to school clothes. We came upon quite a few choices.  After checking them out, trying them on for size and fit, he knew it was the one.  Look.  Fit.  Size. Style.  Flexibility. Dimensions.  Not quite so much drama.  He knew.  He just knew.  I hope he's learned that from Biff's example for the backpack and someday.......a long time from now........the wife!  

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