Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some simple joys being back home after an awesome summer......

Daisy and Fitzy.

Waking up and seeing Daisy sleeping on her bed next to ours.

Jinx the black cat.

Having Jinx walk on my back when he's particularly affectionate or wants to go out or have his food dish filled.

Happy the cat...who is now missing and we are so sad.

Sitting in our peaceful, shabby chic, living room with the large picture window...enjoying the view.
Driving up our driveway.

Walking the dogs down the hill at night.

This computer since my little Barbie style Pink computer had the famous "L" problem.

Time in our yard....even mowing our lawn....being grateful for the little quirks of our house.

Our family together and home with Biff....even though he was with us on the cape for lots of our time there.

Our dining room that pleasures me.

Walking the dogs for long walks and having friends from town beep and wave as they go by.

Our little beach with our beach friends and beach/sailing talk.

Our neighbors exchanging hello's and chatting.

Friends riding bikes past our house with a wave and a shout hello.

Griff falling asleep while I'm writing my blog late at night.......a good time to say good night.

Thanks for stopping by!  I missed my blog.....who knows if anyone else did.....I'm still grateful that I have my blog!  It's a comfy place for me.  Whoever you may be who does pop in to read....I'm grateful for you too! Really grateful. Just sayin'. Thanks.

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