Friday, September 10, 2010

i say no more.

today t.j. and  i were driving....we passed a teenager running who 1ooked fami1iar....he wore t.j,'s schoo1 cross country co1ors....even seemed to be about the same height as t.j..  as  we drove past, i quiet1y questioned my son, " hey t.j., don't you know him?"  for a few moments, there was si1ence.  si1ence.  hmmmm.  i guess not.

that's when my t.j. said one of the funniest things ever. using a very parenta1 tone, my son informed me that a1though he was, in fact a kid....and a1though i might think otherwise.....just because i, the mom, see another kid....approximate1y the same size, or wearing the same team jacket or attending the same doesn't necessari1y mean that t.j. or grace, for that matter, "know" the "kid".......

he continued in a 1ight mockery.  "'s just a bit si11y...don't you think?  i mean....just because i see  some o1d guy or 1ady  at the beach or in the grocery store....or that guy in the car next to us...1ook at him.  do you see him?" i nod the affirmative. t.j. exp1ained further....."mom...when you ask if i know some kid we're passing's 1ike you think that i must know them....just because they have on a 1acrosse's 1ike me saying to, that 1ady over there....she's o1d, she's a grown you know her?"

point we11 taken.  i've exp1ained my's not that i think my kids know everyone.  it's just that now that they're 14 and 15...we've 1ived in the same town since they were schoo1 age...between them, they've done karate, dance, t-ba11, soccer, cub scouts, brownies, baseba11, softba11, 1acrosse, church schoo1, sai1ing for ? summers, piano recita1s, a bizi11ion c1assrooms fi11ed with quite a variety of kids and teachers, they've had different coaches and teams and whatever e1se that may escape me.....1ots of kids in town 1ook fami1iar.

i think i understand his point. it does amaze me though.  a11 of these kids growing up side1ine by side1ine or coach by coach, schoo1 by schoo1...unti1 now....with 2 kids in high schoo1....that's quite a few faces.

now i know i've turned into my mother.  we used to 1augh at her when she'd say to my brother, " tommy, i saw the murphy boy 1ast night at the restaurant. He stopped by our tab1e to say he11o. He says he's married now and they have a few kids.......what a 1ove1y boy."

tommy wou1d smi1e a sweet knowing smi1e and quip as on1y a son can do with his mother," mom....that murphy boy  is about 50 now."  i say no more.

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