Thursday, September 9, 2010

My phone went dead....*POOF*...just like that! *POOF*....*------NOTHING-------*. I was using it 
yesterday.  It was fine. I went to sleep after reading last night. Reading on the phone that is. Yes, this amazing phone has an app on it that gives me free books to read. I just started taking advantage of that app.,finding some books that I enjoy and *POOF* ------NOTHING-------.

Just as any good American family would do????  we made a family trek to the Verizon store to have my phone repaired. Going to a museum should get that kind of enthusiastic response! Since Biff had just arrived home from an overnight, he came too....just so we could have some family time. Everyone jumped into the car as quick as we could say cell phone. 

We all had a great time.  A car ride with 2 kids and 2 parents, no earphones or contraptions....but radio which gave us plenty to discuss...different music, upcoming concerts.....phones, free upgrades. 

All VERY important topics.  To our teenagers.  What's important to them is important to us.....sometimes. We did also talk about choices and money and how to save and how to spend and the conundrums that come with making choices of how to best spend money.  They're catching on now that they're earning some of their own money!

It never occurred to me that it was as ridiculous as it sounds right now. someday,our kids will tell their kids about family outings....just as our parents did with us.  We thought it was outrageous that they all sat around the radio....or black and white t.v.s! Now we're driving 20 minutes on the interstate to have a phone fixed so that I can read a book! 

A book that now will have to wait until Saturday.....cliff hanger! They had to order a new phone for my ailing device....and now that has me waiting for my book with great anticipation. 

Funny....on the way home the kids  were saying how the the companies make it so difficult and confusing with cell phone plans and 2 year contracts.  That's when Biff and I both said, "Easier.  It was much easier before they had all of this stuff! We just lived and talked to people when we saw them. Sometimes, we made long distance calls for special occasions or grandparents." 


Then again, some of this technology is great....because we can connect even when it's not a special occasion.  I would have loved "talking" to my grandma on facebook...or picking up my cell phone and having my favorite aunt on the phone.....or seeing photos of my cousins on facebook...all 23 of them!

It's is here and moving fast......if we want to take advantage of some of the good it offers....I'm open.  I'm open to all of it.  The world is moving faster, I'd rather not be left behind!  besides, it gives me the chance to have a few minutes here and there to connect with someone I'm thinking of....after all, some days are so busy we forget what we want to say if we wait...the moment is lost!  Unless we write it down....but then we need a pen.....and paper.....then save the paper until we chat again. 

I think of family and friends everyday....I'd have pockets full of paper! So, I'm very open.  Besides, I'm the one who didn't want to be in the office the day they taught us about that silly old thing called "e-mail!" 

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