Monday, September 27, 2010

What a wonderful time we had visiting Jenna's mom.  Jenna, Gina and I drove off Friday morning and in just two hours we were in another world....we were away....from our everyday life.  It was wonderful to spend time with Jenna's mom, "Nanny."

Through the years, we've known "Nanny" visiting our friends....meeting the schoolbus, going to sports events, seeing high school musicals, at the beach.....all with her grandchildren and sometimes with our kids. Grace and T.J. have known her from the time we moved in.  Grace was 4.  T.J. was 3.  That's a long time.  She knows us all in our day to day world with our kids and interacting with her kids and grandkids.  That's a pretty comfortable realationship for our kids....and for us.

This weekend we had the pleasure of being in Nanny's world.  What fun it was to spend time with this woman on her turf.  First of all, we love her spirit.  We love her style.  We love her energy. She's great to be with. She's fun. She's interesting.  Age knows no barriers when people keep in touch with the real lives of kids and grandchildren.  I love that.

We arrived in time for lunch....out on the porch overlooking the water.  Nanny's sister arrived to join us....with delicious desserts! Here's a  taste of our 33 hours to take a "vacation in a bottle"!

Take a road trip with friends
Visit a friend's mom

Be greeted with a big hello and hugs
Have lunch served on the porch
Sit at a beautiful table

Add the friend's mom's sister

Add the friend's mom's sister's dessert
Have lots of laughs

Fun in the fog

Shop for fabulous fabrics

Shop together at Marshall's til we a big cushy queen chair on display

Dinner at Japanese restaurant
Put on cozy pajamas and watch a movie that turns out to be a
Have a sweet.....or 2 or 3....or 4?
Sleep a new pillow and the windows open, breathing salt air
Wake up and see sparkling water and boats cruising by 

Have pancakes and fixin's served for breakfast.....on the porch....looking out at the canal
Go to awesome tag sales for great bargain

Pack lunch
Jump on a boat with a great captain

Blast across the bay to Kismet
Anchor for lunch
Cruise through the channel

Hours of outdoors and beauty and talking and laughs.....

Wash the boat
Tea and some pie
Thank yous
Drive home

It felt like days and a million miles away....ahhhhhhhhh.

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