Friday, September 24, 2010

Woke up.
Biff. Grace. T.J. and I
Kids eating breakfast
Biff drinking black coffee
Me drinking coffee
Me hugging kids good bye before bus
Biff and I calling out I LOVE YOU as the kids approach their bus.
Biff ready to roll out into the world of sales
Kiss Biff bye.
I love you.
I love you.
Gravel in driveway crunches and fades
Dogs? eager to go outside
Jinx slinks out the door
Webster wiggles a plastic bottle top
Another sip of coffee
Out with the doggies
In p.j. and cozy slippers
Tousled hair
Walk Fitzy on her retractable leash
Daisy dilly dallies freely...close by
Quiet moment for me to think about the day
Look at watch to note the time
Mom and little ones from down the up the street..... stop to say hello 
I say good morning to her 2 little boys in the back seat
Volvo back window goes down.
I sing hello "Jack in the back" and "Billy is silly"
Moms talk
This mom chats with little boys
Nick the neighbor drives by on his way to work.....with a wave and big good morning
Moms talk about kids and apple picking and life
Sweet minivan mom of four drives by en route to various schools
Moms talk
This mom realizes that hair is unbrushed
This mom acknowledges attire and lack of grooming
This mom chats some more
That mom..younger and showered...acknowledges life as we know it
That mom mentions she has days like this
2 moms say goodbyes
Little boys wave from their car seat thrones
Then doggies and  I hustle up the hill and start walking back up the driveway
I pause....while 8 paws pause to look
I look around too
My top is inside out
Before I can muster up some embarrassment ...... thinking of the hoards of folks I've shared my casual sleeping ensemble with
I realize it's good luck and it's just a day like any other.
No biggie
Who really cares
I'm just me
Last night....tired.....I put my blue on blue....unsexy sleeping get up on
In the dark
Last night
Too late
Oh well...such is life.
I'm still happy
It's my life
I'm comfortable
It's not a show
No beauty contest
It's real
In the door
With dogs
Sipped a fresh cup of coffee
Fed the dogs
Raced to the shower
Packed my bag
Skipped down the stairs
Kissed the dogs good bye
Lugged my things to the car
Ushered Daisy back in the house...she was preparing to stow away in our car
Flipped on the t.v.
Clicked on to sesame street
Put little Webster in his little home
Scooted back out the door
into the car
Crunching gravel
Put car in drive
drove out of town
For a relaxing moms' overnight with 2 other moms
Visiting the mom of one for a
Day of fun
Put on p.j.s...casual sleeping soft the light
Went to sleep knowing that in the morning
Other moms would understand
My life!
Just to change the routine
The day to day life
I had to get out of town just so I could gather my thoughts
Take time
For me
Just to think
About what to wear to bed
My own time
I'm still mis-coordinated and discombobulated
I didn't take much time to pack
Then again
It's o.k. I'm used to me

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