Monday, October 11, 2010

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I love to read. Always have. I love the library. Biff and I have always had "bookstore dates " W.we've enjoyed bookstores as a family since we had new babies baby backpacks ...L.L.Bean style....with toddling toddlers....precocious preschoolers ....growing grammar school readers who were proud to make their own selections...middle school mumblers with minds of their own. .and now,high school students starving for a good read that doesn't include the classics. For now,that feels like work.

Sadly today, kids have so little time for pleasure reading. Thankfully,we are blessed with eager readers. OUR storytime was anytime.Bedtime was the best. Now that Grace and T.J. are older, I'm thankful for the nights we gave in to read another another.....and sometimes another book. Reading was our treasured time when we talked and shared.

Since they were babies, we had the b?ath,,bottle, book, bed routine to look forward to every night...literally like clockwork. It was a special time for all of us. Cozy time too. Actually,
very early on our routine was bath,boob,book,bed! Grace and T.J. wore their feetie pajamas ...they called them "bootie suities"...not using the bootie word as some do these days...not to suggest the derrière ...but the feet!

I think if I came home from shopping today with bootie suities for both teens, they would fill the house with laughter and without a doubt,run upstairs to get right into the soft and cozy pajamas!!!

Bedtime isn't the same these days...Grace and T.J. are up late...probably later than we realize...they play music while reading,they skim through magazines..Grace,her fashion teen magazines or People magazine and T.J. flips through Popular Mechanics or Popular Science or Mad's a long way from our bootie suitie nights but it's still so nice that the routine goes on. We talk about reading together again...we like the idea....we know how nice it can be....journal biggest challenge may be the selection of the book now that we ha e 2 teens with their own opinions!

Blogs are a whole different story. They still tease me for "blahhhhging" as they say. They question my E-bay biz took...taking up sooooooooo much time on the computer...that's allllllll I do, they say. Then they say,"Mom, why don't you get w "real job?"

That's when I gently remind them that I do have a real job! Amazed to be let in on some huge secret, they chant in unison,What job? You didn't tell us that you had a job!!!!

They ask what it is! I just look at them and laugh..! They really. Have no idea

That this mom thing IS a job! Oh well, I guess that's because I make it look SO easy! LOL!!!!!!!

much time on the computer

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