Wednesday, October 6, 2010

blogggggggg.....via my phone...always changing

i miss my blog consistency.....i really enjoyed it. even without the millions of was something  i enjoyed.  i hope to be able to find better balance. my ebay biz keeps me running. the whole family is learning.  grace and tj give me business advice. biff shares my enthusiasm.

i miss my blogtime. perhaps my planning needs some fine tuning....or just tuning.  maybe it is too blahhhhhgggggy for readers.i think i am over that. it is all learning. it has been good for me to have my own place. something with a touch of creativity.

i had big write everyday. i did that. until summer. with the barbie pink computer troubles and spotty internet on the cape.

we have had a year filled with slow economy, concussion,flooding and some material loss....tighter budgets and testing teens....and we are still here.  we are grateful.  for our spirit and health and health of our family and friends. we keep learning again and again that stuff is just stuff. our forever family and friends keep us grateful and keep our sense of humor in tact.

i write honestly here. i have no secrets. secrets keep us guarded and uptight. who really
cares? usually the folks with the secrets....funny.


  i will keep it up.
maybe my style will change.....who knows? i like it here in blogland. i still like to tell stories.....since miss murphy:s kindergarten class. i wonder if my style has changed since way back in my show and tell stories?  if i want to be really honest.....probably not.

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