Monday, October 4, 2010

cartwheels heaven

katie's funeral was today. sad for us .....yet a celebration of her life and her spirit. many tears were shed today, lots of stories and much laughter.  it was a wonderful thing to hear words and little snippets from katie's friends. everyone has their own private memories of the goodness she shared...til the end. she touched us all with her sweet smile and her kindness and caring.

what a joy to hear those realize how profound one beautiful girl's effect on so many can be. only 26...and she changed many other people's her too short time on this earth.

we will miss her more than words can say. she will still be here in each of our hearts.....
as i go to sleep tonight, i say prayers for her loving family and friends....and dream of katie popping in to heaven where she meets so many family members who have gone before her....her grandparents and even my mom....they'll welcome her to their world....and invite her to sing at the piano or play my dreams of katie and her awesome the music is paying,irish songs at the piano are sung, katie will be right ther in the mix....doing cartwheels heaven.

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