Monday, October 25, 2010


Happy Anniversary Jane and Jim! Biff's mom and dad are celebrating their 50 something anniversary today! I'm grateful for their loving marriage. After all, Biff must have learned.from them. Biff the love of my life. And we've only shared 18 years goes by quickly when you're in love. We're not perfect. Either is life. There are life's ups and downs and in btweens to deal with. We do it together in marriage and as partners. Life is better with Biff!

MOM. Today would be my mom's 86th birthday. We all talked about Gramma today. We have great memories. I felt as if she was near while we were up in Boston. So many memories of times spent with mom when she visited our little family! Memories to be treasured. She feels like my own angel...but I wish that she could be right here with us...sharing our breakfasts, beach days and laughter. I miss that..everyday...I would love to hear her voice.

She called me "Punkin"....and "littlemarymixup" as she gave me that look with her sparkling blue eyes. She called Grace and T.J. sweetheart and honey and rascals...and once, she called them " naughty"...a word they had never known...they were almost 3 and 4.....oh how they laughed at her funny word.  She surrendered and laughed along with them.  She loved them so.  They felt that love.  They could recognize her nonjudgemental, accepting way. She loved them like matter what.  They could feel that love and they were sure of her love.  It was safe, warm and comfortable.

There's no one in the world like a mom. That love goes deep. The bother goes deep and the laughs, stories and memories go deep! I am grateful for the times we had. We had a special relationship. A mother daughter team who shared lots of good times and good friends.  My mom.  I miss her everyday. If she were here today, I would have bought her a Pepperidge Farm vanilla layer cake!  I would have told her that I baked it myself! We would have laughed til we cried...and after our hysterics, we would explain our long story. 

I'm laughing with mom now! Thanks mom for making birthdays so fun. Love your mom.  Say "I loveyou" often!  If your mom's not here anymore, share stories with your kids...and your friends who loved her..or didn't ever get to meet her. Those moms of ours made us who we are.  Treasure the goodness and let go of the other stuff. Savor the love and cherish the time together.  Now it's just a seems so real...and then....I wake up. She's not here. So we have to let her live on....through us, our children, through stories and memories.

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